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1 Gram Syringe of RSO Oil.

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Each year, healthcare providers turn away thousands of Canadians seeking cancer treatment. For many Canadians, they simply can’t afford the expenses associated with cancer-fighting drugs. If you’re one of the countless Canadians who can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for expensive prescriptions, there may be another option. Cannabis extracts, like this Cherry RSO, may be able to help.


There is some research suggesting that marijuana may be able to treat certain forms of cancer. When it comes to cannabis and cancer in Canada, one name keeps popping up: Rick Simpson.


Simpson is a cancer survivor and outspoken cannabis activist who says that marijuana saved his life. After his doctor diagnosed him with Cancer, Simpson created his own cannabis extract to treat his ailment. Simpson says that he is now cancer-free thanks to the possible healing powers of the extract he made, now called RSO (Rick Simpson Oil).


This Cherry RSO is made using the same philosophy as Simpson’s original recipe. With 600 milligrams of THC and 40 milligrams of CBD in every 1-gram syringe, this Cherry RSO may be able to help medical patients manage their cancer symptoms. Coming in at $22, it’s the cheapest way for patients to fight back against cancer.


What does Cherry RSO Look and Smell Like?


Cherry RSO might not look like much, but don’t let that fool you. It appears as a thick, semi-solid goop inside an easy-dose syringe. Each syringe contains 1 gram of this sticky, thick substance. It smells faintly of cherries, giving this Cherry RSO its name. Its sweet, fruity scent washes pleasantly across the nose. Cherry RSO is also edible, with a hashy, earthy taste that combines with its fruity flavour.


What are the Possible Benefits of Cherry RSO?


As we mentioned before, some data suggests that some of the molecules in cannabis may be able to counteract the effects of cancer. One study suggests that CBD can prevent cancer from metastasizing, or moving throughout the body. After cancer metastasizes, it becomes significantly more dangerous and difficult to treat. As a result, preventing metastasis may be able to save lives.


Health Canada also approves of cannabis as an aid in cancer palliative care. Palliative care involves mitigating the side effects of cancer treatments. Since some cancer treatments, like chemotherapy, have debilitating side effects, marijuana may be able to significantly increase a cancer patient’s quality of life. According to Health Canada, marijuana may help cancer patients get better sleep and increase their appetite, two crucial factors in overcoming a cancer diagnosis.


If you’re fighting cancer, you don’t need to do it alone. Cherry RSO may be able to help.

4 reviews for Cherry RSO

  1. Nicholas

    Wonderful product that really democratized access to high level thc. Probably the best value, and by far.

    Beats the tinctures. I’m terms of composition, the oil is thick and odorant, it will stain so careful with handling.full spectrum, which means nice added benefits. To reach a 1:1 cbd thc, I liked mixing this oil with cbd oil in clear 000 pills, great medicinal benefits.

  2. Amber

    They’re not kidding about the colour or the potency!

  3. Travis

    Really nice. I was a touch concerned with the cherry part of it since I am not a huge fan but it wasn’t too strong or artificial tasting. As I smoked with spread out in a j with flower I found it gave it nice slight cherry notes and aroma. Definitely, a nice one to try if you’re getting into RSO’s and the CBD is an added bonus. I’d buy this again.


  4. Alexandre

    Cheapest oil on the market ,
    Great price ,
    Great product….
    It gives a loud cherry taste to youre joint ,
    Or goes well in a dab bong ,
    A1 stuff , would definetely recommend!

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