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Chocolate Thai Information

Chocolate Thai is a 100% pure Sativa strain offering lower THC levels that generally average around 15%. This marijuana weed is a phenotype of the Thai landrace strains. As a pure Sativa, the effects of this cannabis bud may offer a boost in energy, euphoria, and motivation. With a coffee taste combined with notes of chocolate, this marijuana weed is well-fitted for morning use.


The high of Chocolate Thai is more cerebral than physical. Because of its low THC levels, these effects should not be overwhelming but rather ones that potentially offer you mental focus and productivity followed by waves of creativity.


Mentally Uplifting Effects


Chocolate Thai may be the strain to aid some medical conditions because of its mood-boosting, mentally-stimulating, and relaxing properties.


Mood Disorders. The euphoric, uplifting, and stimulating effects of this marijuana strain may relieve symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. The energetic high of Chocolate Thai might give you the boost your mood needs.


Fatigue. This cannabis strain may effectively combat the mental fogginess that usually makes it hard to focus on tasks and be productive. The effects of this bud might offer you the mental energy and sharpness you need to tackle your projects.


ADD/ADHD. Because of the increased focus Chocolate Thai may offer, the effects of this Sativa might prove helpful in some cases of ADD and ADHD.


Mild pain. Even though this weed offers more of a cerebral high, it also carries anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that may be helpful in mild cases of physical pains.


A Chocolate-Rich Taste


The dominant flavour of this cannabis strain is of chocolate. The overall flavour experience generally combines notes of chocolate and coffee. Upon inhale, you may notice harmonious hints of sweet and spicy. As you exhale its smoke, undertones of herbal and woodiness may be exposed.


Light Green Buds


It is believed that in its former appearance, Chocolate Thai featured more of a brown look, which is not as surprising thinking of its coffee and chocolate aroma and taste. But in its evolved looks, this marijuana plant showcases light green buds with orange pistils present between the nugs. Its tall and thin structure is covered in a layer of trichomes.


Because of its lower THC levels that offer low to moderate potency, Chocolate Thai may be a good fit for beginners as well as long as they start with a smaller dose to slowly build on over time.

6 reviews for Chocolate Thai

  1. Melissa

    This strain is too weak for seasoned smokers. I felt like it did nothing for me and was a waste of money. The nugs were dry and loose and didn’t burn smoothly for me. Kept having to relight my joints over and over. Purchased 3.5 g and went through it so fast cause I felt like I had to smoke a lot just to feel anything. Wouldn’t purchase again.

  2. Mathieu

    This is a good daytime strain. Has a bit of a spicy, earthy taste to it which I enjoy. I like this strain for joints for some reason, although I still vape with it as well. It’s a good strain when feeling creative or going for a hike. Would recommend for most users.

  3. Margaret

    Great strain. Nice fragrant buds, very smooth. Gives you a nice energetic high, great for getting stuff done if you need a little pick me up. Loved it.

  4. Kevin

    Best strain for the price I’ve bought on this site definitely recommended

  5. TYLER

    It is perfect to wake and bake too, but isn’t really good if you are planning to sit around all day because it’s going to give you a bit of get up and go.

    Chocolate Thai is a Sativa dominant strain of weed and it packs a punch. It’s unlike other Sativa’s in the way the high feels, it’s almost one of it’s own.

    I found I liked the bud, the smell was good as well.

    My critism on the Chocolate Thai that I recieved would be that the nugs were a bit on the smaller side. Not sure it that is just how this strain grows though.

    I enjoyed smoking this. It’s a good daily-driver, smoke a bit all day—kinda weed.

    Will get it again.

  6. Fadi

    First time used this strain. It has amazing look wonderful taste and very potent high that won’t let you leave the seat.

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