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Cookies Breath is an evenly-balanced weed hybrid that contains approximately 50% Sativa and 50% Indica with a high THC of about 30-31%. The intensity and potency of this cannabis strain are suggested for the well-rehearsed marijuana users with well-built tolerance levels.


The use of Cookies Breath is suited for the late afternoons. Even though the initial cerebral high delivered by this weed bud may increase focus as it alleviates symptoms of fatigue, the heavy body high that follows usually carries sedative qualities that may cause a feeling of deep sleepiness. The overall high of this cannabis flower may reduce inflammation and pain in the body, while also relieving symptoms of depression. The use of Cookies Breath could potentially help with loss of appetite, as well as mood swings.


Cookies Breath And The Benefits Of Its Very High THC


Cookies Breath was created by crossing three delicious and potent cannabis strains, which are OG Kush Breath 2.0, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, and Forum Cut of Girl Scout Cookies. Besides a very high THC level of about 31%, this strain also offers a blend of sweet and spicy flavours. The cerebral high of Cookies Breath may help you finish some last-minute tasks, while its heavily relaxing and sedative body high may glue you to your couch or bed.


Depression. The uplifting effects of this cannabis bud may ease symptoms of depression or anxiety, offering a comforting and grounding sense of positivity.


Fatigue. As Cookies Breath clears out the presence of fatigue, you may find it easier to focus on the task you still need to finish up.


Headaches and other physical aches. The high potency of this marijuana flower may ease physical pains that bring you down with a sense of distraction and demotivation.


Inflammation. If inflammation is getting in the way of your productivity and relaxation, Cookies Breath may be able to significantly reduce its symptoms.


Loss of appetite. This weed strain carries appetite-stimulating properties that may result in an increased sense of hunger.


Deep relaxation. The heavy body high of Cookies Breath can be deeply relaxing and sedative. This sedative effect may calm your mind and ease your body from tensions, so a comforting sense of sleepiness can easily make its way to you.


Aroma And Taste


When it comes to choosing the right cannabis strain for you, it is not just about potency and effects, but also about the aroma and taste. The smoke of Cookies Breath is rich with sweet earthy and fruity notes. The taste of this weed bud usually delivers a sweet and spicy blend with pleasant grape and nutty highlights.

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  1. Adam

    packed an absolute punch, loved it at anytime, very potent.

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