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Crunch Berry is one of the most aromatic and flavourful strains you’ll try. Coincidentally or not, it tastes just like Crunch Berries cereals, which we all love. It smells of sweet and fresh berries, with a dose of sweetness, vanilla, and candy flavour. What’s not to like? Though, besides the pleasing taste and aroma, you should be more interested in the relaxing and heavily-sedating therapeutic benefits that this strain has to offer. Crunch Berry will readily help you manage chronic pain symptoms, anxiety, depression, and more!

Starting off with a super flavoury vanilla flavour and candy-like aroma, and ending with a sedative and relaxing trip, Crunch Berry delivers an intense experience that’s sweet and comfortable. One toke from this strain and you’re going straight to a euphoric drive alongside a vanilla flavour. Then, the full-body experience fills up your battery with energy, making you more motivated and happier as a result.

What does Crunch Berry look and taste like?


This strain looks entirely green, with pebble-sized nugs that have purple hues running down toward the stalk. The bright-orange hairs are more than magic in terms of appearance, giving you enough reasons to start enjoying this strain even before you taste it. Finally, there’s a thin layer of whiteish, crystal trichomes that cover just about everything, including the nugs. The newly-created image is one of freshness, colourful deliciousness, and satisfaction.

Though, the true satisfaction comes from the super sweet and vanilla flavour. When you taste this strain, your mouth will fill with a punch of candy-like sweetness and creamy vanilla. Nothing feels better than savouring this punchy aroma that seems to stick with you toward the end of the stoning. It’ll remain on your tongue the rest of the way, only getting away after you’re done with the experience. When the effects kick in, the vanilla flavour will be there to accompany you.

What are the effects of Crunch Berry?


Crunch Berry is a 70% Indica strain with a THC concentration of 15-16%. There’s a hint of euphoria hidden at the beginning of the stoning, though. The 30% Sativa inheritance brings you closer to a happier and more motivated self. Your energy stored are filled up, and your body is rejuvenated as soon as you take that first hit. The stoning will take over your mind and soon settle down, going down toward your body. That’s when the relaxation and sedation start kicking in. The full-body experience is very soothing and smooth!

Its therapeutic benefits are varied and complex, as Crunch Berry can treat a variety of medical symptoms. Among them, we can name depression, anxiety, chronic pains, and stress. With its euphoric surge of energy in the beginning of the high, Crunch Berry treats most depressive thoughts and worries. It’ll also calm your anxiety down, even if you have more severe symptoms. Other than this, this strain will treat the following medical conditions and symptoms:

  • Insomnia
  • PMS
  • Stress
  • Appetite loss
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Insomnia

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  1. François-Xavier

    It looks good, it smells really good and it hits hard. First time trying this strain and I just re-order some today because it’s so damn good. If you like tasty indicas, do not hesitate with this one. And on sale it’s almost a steal.

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