Daily Caps 1:1 25mg

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Daily Caps 1:1 25mg Information

Daily Caps offers 30 capsules per bottle. Each gelatine capsule contains 25mg THC:CBD blend for potent effects great for more experienced users. With a precise dose delivered by each capsule, you may have consistency in effects and potency with each use. The cerebral euphoric high of these capsules may improve focus while the muscle-relaxing and anti-inflammatory body high may soothe a number of physical pains.

Daily Caps 1:1 offers the Entourage Effect. Meaning, CBD’s health benefits, such as its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects are enhanced by THC, while THC’s psychoactive high is brought down a notch by CBD. This is ideal for any individual who doesn’t enjoy the sensation of getting high too strongly but still wishes to enjoy the beneficial effects of both THC and CBD.

Well-Rounded Effects

25mg THC:CBD blend by Daily Caps offers stimulating yet relaxing effects for both the mind and body. If fatigue tends to make your work life a struggle, then the cerebral high of these gelatine capsules may offer a boost in focus, clarity, and creativity. The relaxing properties present in these pills may ease your mind from stress and worries while soothing symptoms of physical aches and pains. 

Reducing anxiety and depression. Daily Caps, with 25mg THC:CBD mix, may alleviate the burdensome symptoms caused by anxiety, stress, and depression while offering feelings of happiness and motivation.

Enhanced mood. With euphoric and uplifting mood-boosting effects, you may find it easier to tackle your daily challenges with positive energy with the help of these caps. 

Creative mind. As symptoms of fatigue, stress, and anxiety are being relieved, you may notice a surge of creativity wash over you. 

Soothing pain. Depending on your tolerance levels, these capsules may alleviate a variety of physical pains and aches, including headaches, lower back pain, joint pains, and muscular aches. 

Helpful Tips

Daily Caps 1:1 25mg is best suited for experienced users as the effects they offer can be quite potent. Because of their gelatine coating, they are easy to ingest and the body usually absorbs them quickly. When consumed on an empty stomach, you may find that effects can work as fast as 20-30 minutes. Full effects can still take up to 2 hours to kick in, especially on a full stomach. 

Keep these gelatine capsules away from direct sunlight or higher temperatures as these can potentially alter the potency, taste, and texture of these pills. Store in a dry and cool place. Always keep them away from pets and children. 

1 review for Daily Caps 1:1 25mg

  1. Michael

    I’ve had the chance to try similar capsules from baked edibles (no longer made), Mota, Mary’s, and most recently the daily 25/25 capsules. Effects among other brands are relatively comparable however the daily caps are significantly less expensive. The CBD helps balance out the THC in these caps, and you can expect a calming / relaxing experience while being able to stay clear headed. These are great for anyone suffering from arthritis or other ailments and can help tremendously with anxiety.

    Overall these are highly recommended.

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