Daily THC – 1200mg

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30ml bottle

1200mg THC

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Daily THC – 1200mg Information

Buy Daily THC – 1200mg Cannabis Tincture online from the best online dispensary in Canada – MMJDirect. Made from pure, full-spectrum cannabis oil extracted from the whole plant; this product provides maximal benefits on a user. Thanks to this formula, you should have a very stable recipe for wellbeing, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, and physical stress.

You’ll be glad to know this product is solvent-free and contains only cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, phytocannabinoids, and other plant compounds that have known benefits on the human body.

How to consume Daily THC

Each bottle of Daily THC contains 1200mg of THC in a 30ml bottle of 100% cannabis-infused oil rich in THC. The best consumption method is sublingual because that’s the most efficient way for your body to metabolize the oil. If you swallow it, or wash it down with a liquid, then your body will first digest it, causing the effects to be delayed.

The medical benefits may include pain relief, relaxation, anti-depressive and anti-anxiety effects, as well as pro-sleep benefits. You may find it aids in providing sleep, especially if you consume it in the evening.

6 reviews for Daily THC – 1200mg

  1. Brian

    Excellent product for fun and sleep,

  2. Matthew

    This is a great product overall. Taken sublingually, I’ll really start to feel the effects after about an hour, and yes, it brings a nice high. The measuring dropper makes it easy, and it goes up to 1.0ml.

  3. Vanessa

    I have sleeping issues that are alleviated by this product

  4. Ricky

    Very strong product. Great for night time use. I take about 2 hr before bed and I sleep through night. A slight headache in morning but a glass of water will fix. Have tried in daytime but not for me rather smoke a joint

  5. Daniel

    I order this for my dad, who is in his 60s. He has lots of back pain issues, as well as sleep problems, and hadn’t really found anything that helped with those until I suggested using this. He also would have no interest in smoking, so the tincture is ideal for him and his situation. He likes it and it’s been very helpful to him.

  6. Stephanie

    Potent oil, great for mixing in a smoothie! Mixing it is usually how i tend to use it , as taking it alone it tends to leave a strong taste behind.

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