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HCFSE Diamonds by Arcana Information

These aren’t your grandma’s diamonds. Coming from the extract architects at Arcana, these Diamonds set the standard for concentrates worldwide. Diamonds are a super-fresh, extra-refined extract that are the result of more than 10 years of collective experience from the people at Arcana.

Crystals of THCa swim in a sea of High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract (HCFSE) oil, setting a course for the nearest dab rig. Positioned right at the intersection between flavour and function, you don’t want to miss Arcana’s Diamonds.

What do Arcana Diamonds Look Like?

Diamonds are one of the newest types of cannabis extracts. To make them, Arcana first sourced all of their weed from the Sunshine Coast region of British Columbia. Then, they extracted THCa and terpenes, crystalizing them into a Diamond form. The Diamonds are translucent and sparkle like precious gems whenever the light catches them right.

Next, they reintroduce the THCa crystals to a HCFSE slurry, uniting the two into one final product. In their final form, Arcana Diamonds range in colour from white to yellow.

What are the Effects of Arcana Diamonds?

As a high-powered cannabis concentrate, Arcana’s Diamonds have significantly more cannabinoids and terpenes than flower does – basically, more of the good stuff. That results in an increased potency, and even dabbling with diamonds can knock the most experienced stoner on their asses. Don’t underestimate these Diamonds. They’re for experienced smokers only!

Arcana Diamonds are only really appropriate for use with dab rigs and certain types of vaporizer pens. They’re not particularly well-suited for a joint or pipe. Therefore, make sure you have the right equipment before you buy Arcana’s Diamonds. If you don’t, you won’t get to experience this one-of-a-kind concentrate.

13 reviews for HCFSE Diamonds by Arcana

  1. Adam

    nice and potent, definitely not for beginners. i used a vape to smoke it, i think it would have been better dabbing it, felt like i wasted a bit of it using the vape, overall good product though.

  2. Kevin

    Simply perfect, first time I was trying diamonds and I haven’t been disappointed

  3. Thomas

    Works great! Will buy again!

  4. Ryan

    This is the real deal! They look great, taste amazing, stone is awesome will definitely be getting these Diamonds again.

  5. Nicolas

    I bought this for my vape! what a great decision! 45$ for 1g seemed kind of expensive at first look, but I put a small amount of diamond through my weed in the vape and it does give a great kick and it really wakes me up! I bought sativa diamonds and it feels like a bong hit! Normally a vape will get me high almost directly after taking it (takes 5min to do my vape) and with a small diamond in it the high continue to ramp up 10min after taking the vape! This product is really worth it and I would say I can “spice up” 75-100 vapes with 1g of diamonds! So this is definitely worth it!

  6. Ryan

    Extremely potent flavour and terpenes. Small diamond makes a big toke on a rig. Hard hitting but absolutely delicious. If you’re looking for flavour these are the ones.

  7. Mirza

    Tried this fist time. And it didn’t disappoint. Will definitely buy again. 🌸

  8. Alexandre

    Excellent product

  9. Michael

    Ah yes.. diamonds. I’ve smoked diamonds a few times and always seem to be disappointed. Its supposed to be this amazing super potent thing but time and time again it doesn’t meet my expectations. Cue these diamonds by arcana. Strong, potent, smells good, looks great. These diamonds made me fall asleep earlier than normal, which is a good thing as I have problems falling asleep! Woke up the next day and was still high. Highly recommended

  10. Tim

    Absolutely delicious. I had never heard of diamonds before and thought I’d give my try and I’m not disappointed that’s for sure. It was very exciting opening the container for the first time just see these glistening orange diamonds. The smell is almost satisfying enough but after a few hits in my dab pen I am finished for the evening. 5 out of 5 for smell 5 out of 5 for taste five out of five for effects.

  11. Jordan

    This is my first time trying diamonds, I tried Do si Dos and Afghani Bullrider, both of them have astounded me with two completely different terpene profiles and outstanding potency!

    The product comes in clumps and are able to be broken apart and are a little sticky so it’s easy stick to a tool.

    Do si Dos has a very uplifting effect and fresh fruity taste, but i was more intrigued by the taste of Afghani Bullrider which has a very potent skunky, garlic like aroma. This is my first time encountering a flavor like this and I’m yet to fully understand it’s effects but the smell, flavour and effect is impressive!

    I am very happy with my selection of these products, I hope Arcana continues to keep up their great quality, and thanks MMJ for your great variety!

  12. Patrick

    Having never tried any ‘diamonds’ or THC-a whatsoever, I was pleasantly surprised by the potency of this product. The taste was clean and smooth. The buzz brought me back to when I was young and was just tasting maryjane for the first time. I found it very easy to handle and manipulate. My girlfriend suggested that this product gave her a ‘sparkling sensation’.

    Initially, I was deterred by the pricing, but once I brought myself to spend the cash on it, I didn’t regret the purchase. So,all in all, this is a strong, heady, smooth product that I’m pleased to have tried. I will purchase again.

  13. Patrick

    The diamonds are the most pain specific I could find .
    My shoulder kill me every day and 1-2 hits of this and I feel like I’m 20yrs old again. Super lovely product!

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