Diamonds by Drip Extracts

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Diamonds by Drip Extracts Information

Diamonds by Drip Extracts are the purest cannabis concentrate in the world. There’s no doubt about that. Better known as THCA, this concentrate contains about 98-99% THCA (THC Acid). The rest 1-2% or so is made up of other cannabinoids and terpenes that bring a new flavour to each smoke you have. However, to release the THC from the THCA, the diamonds need to pass through the decarboxylation process, or heating process.

What makes Diamonds by Drip Extracts better than most diamonds out there is the sheer purity of the extract. There’s 98%+ THCA in our diamonds, and it delivers a natural and pure medical experience without the psychoactive and entourage effects of terpenes. Nothing comes close to the sheer potency of THCA Diamonds, whether it’s live resin, live rosin, wax, oils, shatter, or caviar. What’s more, Drip Extracts is an exclusive brand with super quality products!

What do Diamonds by Drip Extracts look and taste like? 

Well, the reason they’re called diamonds is because they look like diamonds in the first place. They’re translucent, like pieces of solidified ice, which you can break off at your own leisure. Diamonds are not unlike shatter in this regard, and you can easily use them for microdosing. Usually, consumers combine diamonds with other, less potent concentrates, as a way improve their therapeutic or recreational journey even more. Their appearance is quite impressive indeed!

Diamonds by Drip Extracts don’t have a special taste by themselves. They’re quite bland and some of you may find them sour or charcoal-like when it comes to taste. As we previously said, these are best consumed in combination with other, more flavourful concentrates. Just sprinkle a few shards of diamonds on your live resin, and then start smoking! The result will be much more powerful than you were used to, thanks to the highly-pure diamonds.

What are the effects of Diamonds?

While we can’t say much for their flavour, the effects of diamonds are high-class and elite-level. Nothing surpasses them in terms of potency. They’re as close as you can get to 100% THC concentration. When you plan on getting beyond stoned, these diamonds are your definitive answer. Smoke one of them or fill up your bong with a few shards and some fresh weed, then have fun! The mind-altering and cerebral effects are just the start of this amazing journey, though.

What comes next is even better, because the physical benefits of Diamonds by Drip Extracts are excellent as well. It starts with a small buzz at the back of your head, spreading down throughout your body. A numbness will take over you, slowly alleviating your bodily discomforts and other physical ailments. A few moments later, you’ll feel a soothing relaxation spread downward, occupying most of your body with it. It feels just great to sit still and be sedated, almost in a couch-lock state. With how potent THCA diamonds are, it’s not a surprise the effects are so good!


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