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Dolato is a potent strain with an extra Indica kick that lets you be wholly relaxed and comfortable. It’s not sedative, nor does it make you couch-locked with no awareness of what’s going on. Despite having 22-29% THC concentration, Dolato is a relatively stable and soothing strain without too much aggressiveness. Once you smoke it, you’ll feel the effects on your own body.

The brain chills off, sending specific signals throughout all your body. At the same time, the THC descends throughout your body, warming all your organs and relaxing you. The exhaustion and physical tiredness disappear into a cloud of Dolato smoke. The delicious pine-berry flavour tops things off!

What does Dolato look and smell like?

Dolato brings a new perspective on top-quality Indica-dominant strains. It sports bright-green leaves and nugs, alongside dark-amber hairs, and a few purple hues all over. If this sounds delicious, wait until you hear about the juicy resin running down the nugs covered in a thin layer of crystal trichomes. It’s like a cookie covered in honey and powdered with sugar. The taste is even more delicious than that, though!

As for the smell, Dolato smells of woody pine and earthiness. These heavy aromas will fill your lungs with a crazed desire for hunger and increase your appetite as a result. There are hints of sweetness and spiciness as the flavour fully enters your mouth and descends to your lungs. It’ll make you want to smoke the entire strain as soon as possible.

What are Dolato’s effects like?

Most consumers say that this strain doesn’t knock you out into an unconscious daze. At most, it’ll relax your body thoroughly and put your mind on the backburner. Your worries and physical exhaustion vanish as you feel even more relaxed than ever before. When the effects reach a peak and start descending, the THC runs throughout your body. You’ll feel tranquil and entirely comfortable with yourself.

However, there’s no sedation or couch-lock state. You can still get up and continue with your activities. However, you won’t want to. Dolato is a very flavourful and enjoyable strain to smoke, only because it doesn’t take you by surprise. The bit of euphoria at the end appears steadily and progresses into a bodily relaxation. Your pains or aches will vanish as if they weren’t there in the first place. We recommend this strain for chronic pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, muscle spasms, and cramps.

2 reviews for Dolato

  1. Stefanie

    Not a fan. I felt uplifted for a few minutes but then get wicked munchies. If that’s your jam… roll on!

  2. Kerry

    This is one of my new favorites 😍. The flavors are great, smokes amazingly nice and makes me feel great head to toes. I recommend that everyone at least try it once, chances are you will be back for more, so tasty!

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