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The origins of El Chapo fall under constant debate, including its Sativa to Indica ratio. Some phenotypes lean more toward an energetic Sativa high while others deliver deeply relaxing and somewhat sedative effects. Overall, the most common beneficial effects of this weed bud include fast-acting pain relief and a potent euphoric boost that usually alleviates anxiety and depression.


The THC levels of El Chapo usually range somewhere between 19% and 23%, depending on the batch and phenotype. This uplifting cannabis flower generally offers a lemon diesel taste with sweet undertones. You may be able to use this marijuana strain almost anytime throughout the day, as its uplifting but also relaxing effects may offer an energetic and motivating stimulation for your mind and body.


Potential Mental And Mood Benefits


El Chapo carries many praises from its users. The most common ones include beneficial effects for the mind and mood, which usually help with several struggles. Let’s explore these.


Mental priming. The Sativa high of El Chapo may improve focus and increase creativity levels, potentially helping you get things done with more effectiveness and productivity.


A calmer headspace. Generally, the cerebral high of this weed strain is calming. If stress is causing your mind to be on over-drive constantly replaying worries and anxious thoughts, the relaxing traits of this marijuana bud can potentially calm your mind, leading it into a more positive headspace.


Elevating mood boost. The euphoric and happy high of El Chapo may reduce anxiety and depression while elevating your mood with positive vibes and happy feelings.


Stimulating And Pain-Relieving Body Effects


El Chapo may also be an aid for physical needs, besides priming the mind and boosting one’s mood. Generally, the overall high of this weed strain also carries pain-relieving, somewhat sedative, and with some phenotypes that lean more toward Indica, even sleep-inducing qualities.


Relief from pain. This cannabis flower may alleviate pain such as headaches, muscle cramps, back pain, mild joint aches, and more.


Reducing inflammation. El Chapo carries anti-inflammatory traits. These could also help relieve pain and physical aches caused by inflammation.


Insomnia (potentially). Usually, this strain is praised for its energetic, stimulating, and uplifting high. But depending on the batch and phenotype, you may potentially experience a gentle sleep-inducing effect following the soothing relaxing high of this cannabis high.


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