Enhanced Chai Latte

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Infused with 50mg THC of Winterized BHO

Chai Latte flavour

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Enhanced Chai Latte Information

These are perfect for times when you need to relax and enjoy a nice tasty beverage. This Chai Latte will take you to the streets of Bombay from the comfort of your living room.

Add these packs to 10oz of hot water or add them to some ice cream and blend it up to make a delicious milkshake.

Ingredients: Powdered milk, confectionary sugar, chai flavouring, food colouring, sea salt, natural flavour, cannabis oil.

2 reviews for Enhanced Chai Latte

  1. Ryan

    Bought this for the wife and she says it was amazing. great taste and a wonderful buzz and she wants more of this and I am anxious to give this my own try.

  2. C

    Very strong BHO taste. The chai spice didn’t even hide it. I’d stick with the Family Bros. Fudge pieces. I like BHO, but this coated my mouth. Really good high tho.

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