FSE Vape Cartridges by Kind Selections

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1ml FSE 510 Threaded Vape Cartridge. AAAA+ Level Quality.

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FSE Vape Cartridges by Kind Selections Information

FSE Vape Cartridges by Kind Selections offer you a top-of-the-line vaping experience as their vapes contain no distillates, no fake terps, and no cuts. Their brand is well-established in the industry with an award-winning track record with good reason. Their 1 gram cartridge contains 100% pure full-spectrum extract with no additives or fillers.


Kind Selections FSE Vape Cartridges also carry a high THC formulation with a higher viscosity than their traditional formula. But with each FSE cartridge comes high potency, enjoyable flavours, and many beneficial traits. You can usually choose from a number of cannabis strain options.


Full Spectrum Extracts Vape Cartridges by Kind Selections


Kind Selections FSE Vape Cartridges contain the original cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids delivering a potent, flavourful, and well-rounded high. The high of these vape carts are more fitting for experienced users as the effects can be quite intense, depending on the dosage consumed and on one’s tolerance. Usually, there is a wide range of strain options to choose from, so let’s explore some of the most popular ones.


Cake Bomb. This well-balanced hybrid weed strain carries a fuel and gassy taste, providing uplifting, creative, relaxing, and calming effects that may help with anxiety, fatigue, stress, appetite loss, and possibly even ADD or ADHD.


Grape Cream Cake. This Indica-dominant FSE vape cartridge usually provides grape and gassy notes followed by mood-boosting, euphoric, focused, and uplifting effects coupled with a pain-reducing body high.


Banana Cake. With delicious sweet, earthy, creamy, and banana notes in its flavour, this FSE vape cart is made with the Indica-dominant cannabis strain that generally offers a euphoric high. A sense of deep relaxation and calmness may alleviate symptoms of anxiety or stress, while its sedative qualities may help your body relax by soothing its aches and pains.


Pink Kush. A heavy Indica (90% Indica and 10% Sativa) with a numbing body high that is known to address and treat chronic pain. Its high may also be uplifting, calming, and relaxing, potentially helping with anxiety and stress.


Funfetti Cake #3. This FSE vape cartridge may come with a high-THC formulation. It is a 60:40 Indica-dominant hybrid with a sweet creamy vanilla cake enriched with berry notes. Its relaxing, happy, and calming effects may help with depression and stress, but also with nausea and a myriad of physical pains.


Tropicana Punch. This FSE vape cartridge by Kind Selections offers the potent effects of a 50:50 hybrid with calming, happy, uplifting, and appetite-stimulating effects that may help with fatigue, depression, nausea, or stress.


Frosted Fruitcake. With 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, the effects of this cannabis concentrate may deliver a euphoric and calming cerebral high coupled with a heavy body high that may help relieve symptoms of chronic pain, migraines, back pain, arthritis, nerve-related pain, depression, or stress.


Mike Tyson. This pure Indica FSE vaping cartridge offers a sedative body high that could help with a myriad of severe health conditions, such as arthritis, cancer, nausea, PTSD, muscle spasms, pain caused by injury, Crohn’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and much more.


Chemdawg 91. With well-balanced effects, the high of this concentrate may relieve symptoms of depression, stress, fatigue, anxiety, and potentially milder cases of physical aches.

1 review for FSE Vape Cartridges by Kind Selections

  1. Jo-anne

    Having never tried an FSE cart before coupled with the fact that I am a satisfied customer, I decided to order 1.

    Very pricey!😒 but what a lovely surprise 😁❤️! It’s smooth, virtually tasteless and packs a wallop!😜

    After 3-4 hits my pain and inflammation began to subside and was replaced by 😁dreamy full body relaxation without that heavy sedative effect.😁

    Didn’t expect a big difference from any other distillate, was I wrong!🥵

    This is perfect for pain,stress and a nice good old relaxing “ high”😊❤️

    Loved it but at this price won’t be able to order regularly 😩☹️😱😥

  2. Jo-anne

    Never tried a FSE cart before, so I thought as this is the only brand on the site it might be something special.

    I suffer from chronic pain and insomnia. Worked great for me, nice full body relaxation and cerebral calm. Easily drifted off to a restful sleep after floating pleasantly around the room for awhile!
    Mmm..loved it!
    Pricey but worth it if your looking for medicinal grade pain relief with a pleasant high as a bonus👍🥰!

  3. Derek

    I have some of the lemonade ones and they taste amazing. They work good and have a nice buzz. However I can’t give full stars because of the insane price and the fact each of the 3 I ordered each was less than 3/4 full. Definitely not like the photo where it shows full. Very disappointed especially with a price like that. At least fill them.

  4. Alexandre

    By far the best i ever had !!
    You can taste the superior quailty after just 1 or 2 puffs,

    Works like a charm.
    And taste and high are great
    So many flavors to chose from.
    I had funfetti cake and thing was extremely potent and delicious.
    Will reorder again that is not a question!!

    Awesome high end product i recommend for everyone!

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