Full Spectrum CBD Vape Top by Viridesco

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Full Spectrum CBD Vape Top by Viridesco Information

The Viridesco CBD Vape Top is a super high-tier concentrate based on natural CBD distillate and organic terpenes. These two give the oil a natural flavour and great therapeutic and psychoactive effects. There’s about 3.5% THC in this oil, and the CBD holds 70% concentration. Are you ready to inhale the pure-grade CBD vapours as they enter your lungs and heal your body and mind? With a 510-threaded battery, you can start smoking now!

All Viridesco oils are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, and they’re unadulterated by chemicals or other additives. Moreover, thanks to the high concentration of the pure CBD distillate, this product will crystalize at room temperature. This won’t alter its effects or render it inefficient, though. You can use it in frozen form just as you’d use it in liquid form. Use a few drops to heal your broken body right now, and be careful about the dose you’re ingesting!

What are the effects of the Viridesco CBD Vape Top?


With this CBD Vape Top on hand, you shouldn’t worry about any pains, aches, bodily discomfort, or even insomnia. After taking 1-2 drops, your mind should start feeling numbed and soothed out by the CBD and THC working together. While this oil doesn’t contain enough THC to provide any psychoactive effects, it’s still enough for the entourage effect to appear. CBD works best when combined with THC, after all.

As the therapeutic experience reaches a peak, your body will experience a state of utter relaxation and tranquility. This translates to pain relief, alleviation from aches and discomfort, as well as tranquility. Due to the improved mood and added motivation, your depression and anxiety should have disappeared by now. Moreover, this oil might also give you the munchies, so be prepared with a few snacks on hand! You’ll also be able to sleep much better if you take this oil before going to sleep.

How do you use the CBD Vape Top effectively?


First off, we should mention that this oil contains the following terpenes:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Humulene
  • Myrcene
  • Guaiol

These terpenes make the ingestion process much more digestible and enjoyable. The flavour is totally unique and delicious, even for veteran consumers. As it stands, you can consume this oil orally, by smoking, or by vaping. It’s your choice what path you choose, though each has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if you choose to consume it sublingually, the oil will be absorbed much faster in your body.

With higher bioavailability and a quicker absorption rate, the oil enters your bloodstream faster and provides quicker effects. The therapeutic benefits won’t decrease in potency, though, and they’ll remain just as powerful. After a few minutes, you should feel one of the following: pain relief, improved mood, sleepiness, hunger, tranquility, mental focus.

6 reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Vape Top by Viridesco

  1. Jennifer

    I was a little reluctant to order this product as I usually order CBD Daily tincture (1250) for a family member. It was all sold out though at the time of purchase and seeing as we were going camping, didn’t want to be without an integral piece of medication (treating ADHD and OCD). First time was a bit of learning curve as they had never used a vape form before but after that it was perfect for treatment. Product is smooth and delivers pretty quick relief of anxiety. This was actually a perfect on the go product for camping because being out of routine and “safe space” meant unexpected triggers of anxiety. The only downside would be that the vape top did stop working several times. Luckily, my partner was able to fiddle with it and get it to reconnect and start working again. Knowing that this can be an issue, as experienced with other vape tops in the past, I would still say this is a great overall product, unless this issue is repetitive with other orders.

  2. Tina

    By far the very best CBD vapes I have ever tried. They actually do something you can feel. No stranger to THC I am experimenting with relaxation without distortion of any kind. This company I first saw on my medical marijuana site for Phoenix tears and I have followed them since. Ihave only tried one flavour, and it is mild and pleasant. The difference is surely in their complete terpene profile, as some of the realaxation I recognize from limonenein my favourite sativa super lemon haze. They cost a bit more than some other brands, but there is a reason for this: discernable effectiveness.

  3. Shyann

    I love this one, definitely worth buying to help you sleep or relax on the couch!

  4. Matthew

    Really nice clean cartridge’s. this twists on to any 510 thread. Thank you mmj for clean medicine.
    this really helps if you just want to have a light buzz and nothing major
    just something to relax and take it easy.

  5. karen

    This CBD oil works amazing! Unlike drops it works instantly! I suffer from anxiety and through out the day I vape this. I also have arthritis and chronic back pain and I smoke this and within minutes, it calms me down and my pain is either dulled or gone. I use it as I need it

  6. Romain

    Recently ordered 2 of ACDC. After finishing the first, here is my review :
    Nice packaging, quality cartridge (ceramic) and overall amazing product. Really helps getting that chill vibe without the buzz during social events or as needed thorough the day. Plus the taste is something incredible.
    I smoke everything from buds to oil and I find having a full CBD option is a big plus.
    Stay away from anything with “added terpenes” and get the real deal with Viridesco !

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