Full Spectrum THC Gummies Assorted

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Full Spectrum THC Gummies Assorted Information

When you’re looking for edible THC, you can’t go wrong with gummies. Each pack of these THC-infused Gummies contains 10 gummies, each charged with 20 mg if THC each. That makes a single gummy ideal for a dose. Users seeking a more intense high can take two, three, or more gummies. For those seeking a longer-term product, these THC Gummies come in a resealable package. That also makes them perfect for on-the-go users. Edibles are great for users who don’t want to draw attention to themselves, since they don’t produce smoke, vapour, or any discernable scent when used.

THC Gummies – Ingredients and Taste

Each pack contains 10 THC-infused Gummies in a variety of classic flavours like strawberry and orange. They’re fairly accurate representations of classic gummy flavors, although you may be able to detect the telltale taste of THC permeating these treats.

These THC Gummies are made with a simple recipe that doesn’t include any High Fructose Corn Syrup. Instead, these Gummies include: sugar, glucose syrup, modified corn starch, citric acid, tartaric acid, natural and artificial flavour, colour (with tartarazine), and THC. Vegetarian and vegan users should be aware that these gummies may contain beef gelatine.

Uses and Effects

The main ingredient in these Gummies is THC, 100 percent naturally extracted from cannabis plants. THC is the core psychoactive component of marijuana, and conveys the plant’s trademark high. As a result, these THC Gummies may improve a user’s creativity, boost their sociability, or help them relax.

Edible cannabis like these THC Gummies generally takes longer to affect a user than smoked or vaped cannabis. As a result, users may not feel the effects of these THC Gummies for up to 60 minutes after ingestion. Once they hit, however, they last longer imbue stronger effects than other routes of administration for THC.

6 reviews for Full Spectrum THC Gummies Assorted

  1. Lee

    I love love love these gummies!
    I take one before bed and they work great to turn down my busy brain and it takes away my pain from arthritis so I can sleep.

  2. Mark

    Great high and awesome value for the concentration! The taste is pleasant and the body high comes on smoothly and is long lasting. Great for hanging out with friends in the early evening and falling asleep stress free. We will definitely purchase again.

  3. Rory

    Great Gummies! They are so tasty. 1 is a really nice high. 2 is a full body relaxing deep stone. And great value for the amount of THC in them! I would high-ly recommend! Enjoy!

  4. Kerry

    I really enjoyed these, reminded me of picking out candies from the corner store.🍭🍬🍭🍬 The buzz was nice and clean and great for sitting down to watch a movie or playing some games, highly recommend. Also a pretty good value for what you get, nice bang for the buck!

  5. Marton

    I gave these to a friend so this isn’t a personal experience but she gave me her opinion. They are delicious and just like ones from the store, the high you get is nice and gives a comfortable feeling

  6. Jessica

    These look and taste amazing – exactly like the mini watermelon slice five-cent candies and sour keys I used to buy as a kid and the adult version is even better.

    They don’t taste like weed – they taste as good as real candy. I find edibles help me fall asleep the nights that I have insomnia. These candies are strong! 20mg a piece, so I would usually start by taking half (10mg) before bed and take the other half if I still didn’t fall asleep within the hour. Great body high.

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