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Full Spectrum THC Gummies Assorted Information

When you’re looking for edible THC, you can’t go wrong with gummies. Each pack of these THC-infused Gummies contains 10 gummies, each charged with 20 mg if THC each. That makes a single gummy ideal for a dose. Users seeking a more intense high can take two, three, or more gummies. For those seeking a longer-term product, these THC Gummies come in a resealable package. That also makes them perfect for on-the-go users. Edibles are great for users who don’t want to draw attention to themselves, since they don’t produce smoke, vapour, or any discernable scent when used.

THC Gummies – Ingredients and Taste

Each pack contains 10 THC-infused Gummies in a variety of classic flavours like strawberry and orange. They’re fairly accurate representations of classic gummy flavors, although you may be able to detect the telltale taste of THC permeating these treats.

These THC Gummies are made with a simple recipe that doesn’t include any High Fructose Corn Syrup. Instead, these Gummies include: sugar, glucose syrup, modified corn starch, citric acid, tartaric acid, natural and artificial flavour, colour (with tartarazine), and THC. Vegetarian and vegan users should be aware that these gummies may contain beef gelatine.

Uses and Effects

The main ingredient in these Gummies is THC, 100 percent naturally extracted from cannabis plants. THC is the core psychoactive component of marijuana, and conveys the plant’s trademark high. As a result, these THC Gummies may improve a user’s creativity, boost their sociability, or help them relax.

Edible cannabis like these THC Gummies generally takes longer to affect a user than smoked or vaped cannabis. As a result, users may not feel the effects of these THC Gummies for up to 60 minutes after ingestion. Once they hit, however, they last longer imbue stronger effects than other routes of administration for THC.

41 reviews for Full Spectrum THC Gummies Assorted

  1. Blain

    These gummies are tasty gummies. The effects are rather less than I had hoped and very indistinct, by which I mean that there is not much to say about them except that you will feel buzzed.
    I find myself going for the strain specific and much stronger producys f or meaningful experiences.
    On the other hand, when going out to an event a gummie or two is convenient and uplifting.

  2. Kayla

    Super bon gummies au gout. Super buzz comme je mis attendait cependant ils sont un peu dur. Vaut vraiment la peine. Rapport qualité/prix très juste.

  3. Robin

    Great product to snack on throughout the day to normalize the mood. I’m ordering a few packs today just so I can have them handy.
    The dose is low for inexperienced users so you won’t upset yourself. Delicious flavours and good chill.

  4. Christine

    These are good for dulling pain

  5. Lindsay

    These taste pretty good, but they really didn’t have the desired effects and felt much weaker than the potency indicates. I also found them to be hard for a gummy, so made them difficult to chew with TMJ disorder. I would not buy these again as it felt like I would need to double up the dose just to get the effects that one should give me or that other edibles give…they are definitely ok for the price, but I have had a lot better from other companies. Would only recommend these if you are on a budget and are just using them recreationally, not medicinally/therapeutically.

  6. cody

    the high was good. i like the variety in the bag. will be buying more.

  7. Frederic

    Very hard to chew, no information on packages, don’t seem to be fresh. They look sketchy, the type of edibles that you imagine are being made in a basement of criminal gangs. However, their effect is very potent. Can

  8. Jason

    I bought these to try them out and wasn’t disappointed. If you don’t like being able to taste the plant though, these might not be for you. It wasn’t overpowering but it was definitely there. I found the dose was pretty consistent as well as the effects.

  9. ADAM

    I gave these a try and I quite enjoy them!! can taste the grass quite a bit but I like that better than over the top sweet. the assortment is kinda nice as well. A really good work treat if there is a lot of stress in the environment. It seems 20 mg is all there, look good, and as previously stated the herb taste is refreshing, why be something your not!!!


  10. crystal

    These weren’t very potent. I had to eat multiple, they taste decent just like the real candies themselves. The quality is probably reflected in the price. If you have any hesitancy to taking edibles this would be a good starting point for someone less experienced with edibles. I would maybe buy again just based on price but aren’t a super high quality product.

  11. Patrick

    Always looking for something new to try. These gummies are conveniently packed, easily fit in your pocket. Flavour was great, effect was excellent and as expected for a 20mg dose. Good purchase, will definitely buy again.

  12. Pat

    I like the variety of these gummies. So tasty

  13. Brian

    Personally, I found the flavour to be a bit weed-y. That is not necessarily a problem, mind you 🙂 20mg is a nice sized dose to be able to work with, the variety of flavours are good, and the high is entirely on point 😀

  14. Stacie

    I liked these, but I didn’t find them strong enough. They taste good and the effects were mild. Good for a beginner.

  15. Justin

    These edibles are tasty and give you a very solid, long lasting high. Perfect for evenings if you want to relax but not be overwhelmed with something too strong. Great taste and suitable for vegans as they do not contain gelatine.

  16. samantha

    So much variety and very tasty, gave me a nice high and helped with my cramps!

  17. Emma

    Loved the taste of these, no taste of weed at all! I did find that they were a bit chewy though, still good and fresh but im big on textures 🙂

  18. Colin

    Awesome. Wife takes 2 before bed every night.

  19. Emily

    I bought these gummies no knowing what to expect. I wasnt sure if they were indica or sativa but regardless, they were amazing! Great taste, not “weedy” like some gummies can be. They also give me a great high with very little paranoia that I often get at the very beginning when taking an edible. I find one candy is perfect to help get to sleep or to chill through the day and still be very functional.

  20. Travis

    WOWZAS! I really loved these on a couple of levels. One the package although safely sealed and such is fairly easy to open it doesn’t fight you every time. Second I love the mix of the candies that actually taste like the old school candies of my childhood and third well the buzz was awesome. Didn’t take too long to start feeling the awesome effects of the sweet treats.

  21. Guillaume

    I love that candies, highly recommend for the price! I would eat them day and night..! nice buzz!

  22. Stephen

    very pleasant taste. definitely keep out of reach of the uninitiated, these can sneak up on you. a very enjoyable ride at a reasonable price. highly recommended.

  23. Melissa

    I was so excited when these came in! They taste really good and are the perfect kind of gummy, not too sticky or sugary. I’m buying them again! It was hard to remember they were edibles and not actually candy because they were so good. I could eat 1 and get a really nice buzz.

  24. Carlo

    These are pretty good! Sometimes, half a gummy is enough if you just want to relax. Tastes just like normal sour candy.

  25. Matthew

    These gummies were good, and a better value for money than some of the other ones I got, only detractor is that they are assorted so dosage is a little less specific, but will order these again for sure.

  26. Deanna

    I gave these edibles a try, but they weren’t my favourite. As a candy lover, I bought these because of the variety in the pack lol. They taste amazing, you couldn’t even tell that they are THC gummies. However, they didn’t give me my desired high, more of a slight buzz that is quick to fade. Perhaps this is just due to my personal tolerance level, but I was rather surprised because 20mg edibles of other brands usually do the trick for me. I was disappointed because I wanted to love these, but they would be great for a new or inexperienced edible user who is looking for a product without the weed taste.

  27. Georgia

    I gave these edibles a try, they aren’t bad but they aren’t great. I found the gummies to be really hard and have a really strong cannabis taste/after taste. I like that there are a variety of gummies available and the product is nice. I may have to try again to see where I stand on these gummies.

  28. Michael

    Fun edible. I like the shapes and flavour. I know there can be some inconsistencies across edibles but this one was effective. I didn’t really notice the weed taste either when having it.

  29. Seyedeh

    These taste sooo good! Nice day time buzz.

  30. Jason

    Loved these candies ! Great taste , good high.

  31. Daniel

    These taste great and are plenty strong. Pretty much just like gummy worms I’d have as a kid. I recommend them for sure.

  32. Zoya

    Two of these will knock me right out! They dont exactly taste just like candy but the taste is worth the experience. I take them on an empty stomach. This helps them kick in faster.

    This lasted me about a month. Eating half will get you a little buzzed but for a good sleep two should do the trick.

  33. Cynthia

    I love that they look like the candies from when I was a kid! The taste is more potent than you’d expect, but the buzz comes with it! My boyfriend sleeps like a baby after two of these, you really get a nice sensation of appeasement.

  34. Amélie

    they taste just like the candy:))

  35. Henry

    These gummies where great tasting and provide a great relaxing high, perfect for a night in on the couch. A full dose is usually a perfect compliment to a couple cocktails and a movie. I end up in the fridge a lot when I eat these gummies, grazing all night on the snacks.

    If your just starting out I would reccomend half a gummy to start and wait a while before taking more.

  36. Lee

    I love love love these gummies!
    I take one before bed and they work great to turn down my busy brain and it takes away my pain from arthritis so I can sleep.

  37. Mark

    Great high and awesome value for the concentration! The taste is pleasant and the body high comes on smoothly and is long lasting. Great for hanging out with friends in the early evening and falling asleep stress free. We will definitely purchase again.

  38. Rory

    Great Gummies! They are so tasty. 1 is a really nice high. 2 is a full body relaxing deep stone. And great value for the amount of THC in them! I would high-ly recommend! Enjoy!

  39. Kerry

    I really enjoyed these, reminded me of picking out candies from the corner store.🍭🍬🍭🍬 The buzz was nice and clean and great for sitting down to watch a movie or playing some games, highly recommend. Also a pretty good value for what you get, nice bang for the buck!

  40. Marton

    I gave these to a friend so this isn’t a personal experience but she gave me her opinion. They are delicious and just like ones from the store, the high you get is nice and gives a comfortable feeling

  41. Jessica

    These look and taste amazing – exactly like the mini watermelon slice five-cent candies and sour keys I used to buy as a kid and the adult version is even better.

    They don’t taste like weed – they taste as good as real candy. I find edibles help me fall asleep the nights that I have insomnia. These candies are strong! 20mg a piece, so I would usually start by taking half (10mg) before bed and take the other half if I still didn’t fall asleep within the hour. Great body high.

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