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Gary Payton Information

Gary Payton is a well-known strain of cannabis, named after the famous basketball player Gary Payton. This strain is a hybrid, known for its balanced effects that provide both a relaxing body buzz and an uplifting cerebral high.


This weed strain features a sweet and fruity aroma, with notes of pine and earth, and a smooth and delicious flavour. The high from this strain usually starts in the head, with a euphoric and uplifting sensation, leaving you feeling talkative and giggly.


Gary Payton Cannabis Strain: Effects


Gary Payton cannabis strain is considered to be a moderate-strength strain, with THC levels ranging from 15% to 23%. This makes it a great choice for those who are new to cannabis or who are looking for a mild-to-moderate high.


Because of its uplifting, mood-elevating, and creative mental high, you may find yourself being more social and talkative in a group setting. The relaxing effects of Gary Payton hybrid strain ease up tensions in the body and calm the mind enabling you to enjoy a sense of well-being and taking a break from overwhelming thoughts of worries.


Gary Payton Weed Strain: Aroma and Taste


Gary Payton has a uniquely pleasant flavour and fragrance profile. You can easily notice the lavender and apricot sweetness in its taste complemented by the right touch of pepper to make this experience that much more flavourful.


Its sweet and fruity aroma bring forth a blend of earthy and pine undernotes. The smoke of this medium potency hybrid strain is usually smooth.


The Looks Of Gary Payton Cannabis Strain


The appearance of Gary Payton cannabis strain features dense, compact buds that are light green in color and covered in a blanket of trichomes. The leaves of this strain are often darker, with hints of purple and orange, and the aroma is said to be both sweet and skunky.


In conclusion, Gary Payton is a well-rounded and balanced strain of cannabis that provides both relaxing body effects and uplifting cerebral effects.

3 reviews for Gary Payton

  1. Maude

    It’s the loudest weed I’ve had in a minute. I’m pretty sure my entire city knew I had Gary over for the week I smoked it. It’s stanky, with notes of gas and skunk. Flavor is excellent if you like a sour sweet diesel. The high is amazing. It’s that deep head sativa that gives you good vibes and makes you feel good from head to toe. I am very particular about my sativas as they can really crank my anxiety up, but The Glove is just a good time. Definitely BE CAREFUL. Gary can hit you with a crossover and put you on your ass. For experienced smokers, this is great to throw in the bowl or roll in a blunt to smoke with some friends while hanging out.

  2. Jeremy

    Did anyone ever watch Payton play? Not sure if this bud reflects Payton’s style, but it sure mellowed me out for a good long while..I did not pass out while watching the Raptors get creamed. Nice taste and dense buds

  3. Bilaal

    Let me tell you about this piff. Wow. It is SO SO SO SO SO much better than the Cookies “GP20” from the dispensaries. Way better. It comes fresh as heck, gets me rocked the exact same way that the GP20 does, just amplified and so much higher quality. If you like good weed, and you liked the Berner Cookies stuff in Canada, then you will adore this and no longer buy from the store. This stuff is, honest to god, way better than the Cookies weed in Cali. I’ve had it all, I was in LA in March and smoked all of their stuff. Guys, next time I order, can you guys please roll me a blunt of this with my ounce?? It is soooooo good. Terps great. Taste is unreal. Cookies strains always taste great.

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