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  1. Bilaal

    Let me tell you about this piff. Wow. It is SO SO SO SO SO much better than the Cookies “GP20” from the dispensaries. Way better. It comes fresh as heck, gets me rocked the exact same way that the GP20 does, just amplified and so much higher quality. If you like good weed, and you liked the Berner Cookies stuff in Canada, then you will adore this and no longer buy from the store. This stuff is, honest to god, way better than the Cookies weed in Cali. I’ve had it all, I was in LA in March and smoked all of their stuff. Guys, next time I order, can you guys please roll me a blunt of this with my ounce?? It is soooooo good. Terps great. Taste is unreal. Cookies strains always taste great.

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