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Gatorade Information

Gatorade is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain with very high THC levels that range around 24%. The euphoric and uplifting effects of this weed bud come on fast and strong, best for experienced users that can take a powerful elevation at the beginning of their day or even throughout. 

The CBD levels of Gatorade are low, around 0.70% so the high is felt in the mind and the mood. The happy and energetic boost of this Sativa bud takes the mind off stress and brings it into a relaxed state. Gatorade’s cerebral high improves focus and increases creativity, so besides feeling boosted with positive energy, you may also find yourself being more productive in tasks and problem-solving. 

Gatorade, The Creative And Focused High

Gatorade is a very potent Sativa cannabis strain suited for those who are experienced users. The head high of this weed comes on strong and brings on an energetic effect. 

If you are feeling drained of mental and physical energy, finding it very difficult to focus on the tasks in front of you, and not being able to find creative solutions to a current situation, Gatorade may help. Besides a happy and euphoric boost in mood, this Sativa-dominant strain increases a focus that is both energetic and creative. 

The energetic and happy head high is accompanied by a soothing sense of relaxation that doesn’t slow you down, but it enables you to calm your rushing mind and ease any tension that is building up in your muscles. 

Gatorade is the cannabis strain to help your mind be more focused, elevate your mood, and make your day a more creative and productive one. 

Gatorade, The Citrusy Orange Blend

Gatorade doesn’t just bring a sense of refreshment with its effects, but also with its aroma and taste. 

The scent and flavour of this Sativa-dominant strain are a refreshing punch of citrus and tangy orange notes with subtle spice and earth undertones that bring the right amount of complexity to the experience. 


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