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Gelato Cookies Information

Gelato Cookies is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain (70% Indica and 30% Sativa) that was created by crossing Sunset Sherbet with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. The aroma and taste of this marijuana bud are sweet, with notes of fruits, flowers, and nuts. The initial cerebral high of this weed bud usually delivers a heavy punch of euphoria that may boost the mood with happy feelings. Still, this is soon followed by a heavy, relaxing, soothing body high.


We recommend consuming Gelato Cookies later in the afternoon. While the euphoric and uplifting high lasts, you may be able to carry out some last-minute tasks. As soon as the sedative and relaxing body high takes over, all you might want to do is to lounge on the couch with some tasty snacks before a sense of heavy sleepiness takes over. The THC content of this cannabis plant averages around 22%-24%, so the high and effects experienced with this weed bud might be better left for somewhat more seasoned users.


Euphoric Effects And Medical Benefits


Gelato Cookies is a sweet and great-tasting cannabis strain loved by recreational users, but its properties can also aid several medical needs. This weed strain’s cerebral and body high may relieve symptoms of several struggles. Let’s explore the most common ones.


Appetite loss. Gelato Cookies can potentially bring back your lost appetite, helping you eat better so you can nurture your mind and body through nutrition.


Anxiety and depression. The cerebral high of this Indica strain usually delivers a euphoric high that can elevate your mood with positive and happy feelings while decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety.


Stress. When you are stressed, both your mind and body can tense up. This weed bud’s relaxing and calming qualities may help with stress by calming your mind and soothing your body.


Inflammation and pain. Gelato Cookies could help with physical discomforts and struggles caused by pain and inflammation.


Insomnia. As the cerebral high calms your mind and the sedative effects relax your body by easing physical pains and aches, you may fall asleep easier and potentially get a restful sleep that lasts through the night.


Aroma And Taste


Gelato Cookies is hands down a delicious and sweet marijuana strain. Its sweet, fruity, and flowery flavor wrapped in herbal notes can already cause you to forget about your troubles. The aroma of this Indica is similar to its taste, so get ready for an overall sweet experience with this bud.

3 reviews for Gelato Cookies

  1. Tom

    Great hybrid strain, for a reasonable price. Along with Citrique, it is my go to non-sale strain. Nice flavour and smell that will lift your mood and your pain. I usually vape it and it hits smooth. I must try for anyone that likes a nice hybrid. Highly recommend.

  2. Ryan

    Delightful! Was looking for something that would relieve stress and help me manage my back pain and Gelato Cookies worked nicely. The buds were dense and dusted with trichomes. Scent is earthy with a hint of ripe berries.

    Burned really well in joint and smoke was smooth and pleasant. Not as overpowering as the write-up might lead you to believe, but I’m certainly not complaining. Gelato Cookies delivered a strong indica high and checked all the boxes.

  3. Spencer

    Really nice strain. Anything with “cookies” in the name just always seems to get me where I wanna go. God bless GSC.

    Great price on this too. Smoked it, vaped it and used it in weed oil and had great experiences doing all 3.

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