Gelato Cookies (Smalls)

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Gelato Cookies (Smalls) Information

Gelato Cookies is a terribly sweet cannabis strain bred from the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet strains. These are some of the most flavourful strains in the world, so it’s no wonder their offspring is a real delicacy. With THC levels reaching up to 22-24%, Gelato Cookies is quite the powerful strain, as well! The flowery-sweet flavours merges perfectly with the earthy and floral aromas, leading up to an explosion of taste.

What does Gelato Cookies look and smell like?

In terms of smell, Gelato Cookies is incredibly sweet and earthy. The floral and fruity fragrances spread around as soon as you bring the plant out into the open. These buds are dark-olive, with purple hues dotting them now and then. The orange hairs are only overshadowed by the frosty crystal trichomes covering everything. Lastly, there’s a layer of sticky resin enticing your taste buds!

Both in terms of look and flavour, Gelato Cookies is a wonderful plant worth every bit of time and attention. Cannabis enthusiasts will love it that this strain is incredibly sweet and aromatic. The name says it all, after all. There’s a hint of mellow nuttiness wafting about, leaving you mouthwatering after a simple taste. This is a hard-hitting strain that’ll leave you wanting for more as soon as you take a first toke!

What are Gelato Cookies’ effects like?

This is a 70% Indica strain with only 30% Sativa, meaning that the effects are going to be mainly related to relaxation, comfort, and tranquility. While there is a slight surge of euphoria flooding your brain, it doesn’t last long. This is a hard-hitting Indica strain with a lot of relaxation to offer. As soon as the psychotropic effects reach a peak, the peak relaxation begins.

The first smoke will activate your mind, sending prickly shots of euphoria inside. Your anxiety and depression will disappear by now, replaced by motivation, happiness, and calmness. Everything becomes clearer to you, and nothing can scare you into submission. This strain offers a pleasant and soothing sedative experience that relaxes your body thoroughly.

Even if you suffer from certain medical conditions, Gelato Cookies will alleviate your symptoms and make you feel better than ever before. Medical patients report that Gelato Cookies alleviates symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, appetite loss, PTSD, fatigue, headaches, migraines, and more. Apparently, this strain can improve your quality of life where other treatments failed!

2 reviews for Gelato Cookies (Smalls)

  1. Ricky

    Very fruity,very tasty. Excellent for bed time

  2. Tim

    This is my 2nd favorite gelato strain 1st being blue gelato. The second I opened the bag I was overwhelmed with unbelieveably delicious smell. The taste is a match with a sweet candy like flavor and the unique gelato taste in the background.
    The high is hard hitting and a 5 star in all aspects in my opinion.

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