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Gelato Mint by Gastown Collective Information

Gelato Mint brings 70% Indica effects with a THC concentration of 12-18%. This strain is delivered by Gastown Collective, a team of weed enthusiasts from Canada who decided to take things into their own hands. And quite the dexterous and magical hands they got! This team has produced AAAA “real” quad strains, which is an accomplishment not many can brag about.

The reason Gastown Collective produces excellent weed strains relies on their passion and superior breeding techniques. Weed enthusiasts from all over Canada see a gas can from Gastown Collective and they know it’s superior-quality weed with increased potency and flavour. Gelato Mint is one such strain with lots of THC compounds, and a superior terpenes profile that leads to an excellent taste and aroma.

What does Gelato Mint look and smell like?

Gelato Mint smells of fresh mint perfume of the highest intensity and quality. You don’t see cannabis strains with such intense aromas often. You may also feel a sweet cookie fragrance that combines wonderfully with the mint overflow. Your taste buds and nostrils will inhale and consume every bit of this smooth smoke. The experience stays with you during the entire experience. With such enviable fragrances, Gelato Mint is one of the best-smelling strains in the world.

In terms of looks, Gelato Mint has tightly-packed and dense emerald-green nugs, dotted by amber-orange hairs. The hairs penetrate through the thin layer of frosted trichomes. The visual impact of seeing Gelato Mint is almost equal to its flavour and aroma – undeniable and absolutely delicious. Both the aesthetics and flavour of Gelato Mint are raised to their absolute peak by Gastown Collective, a feat worthy of respect!

What are Gelato Mint’s effects like?

Gelato Mint is a cross between Gelato, Tina, and Mint Chocolate Chip. Besides the mind-numbingly sweet flavour and aroma, Gelato Mint is also a potent breed. The THC concentration rests at 12-18%, with an emphasis on sedation and relaxation. The 70% Indica heritage allows this strain to be wholly medical and therapeutic. Your body will relax beyond anything you’ve experienced before.

As for specific therapeutic benefits, Gelato Mint is known for alleviating various medical symptoms such as anxiety, depression, headaches and migraines, mood swings, cramps, and chronic pain. Marijuana has proven therapeutic effects against cluster headaches, insomnia, depression, and more. Gelato Mint brings more sedation and tranquility than euphoria, so its effects against depression may be lower than anticipated.


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