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55% Indica dominant hybrid

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Gelato Information

The Gelato strain – an absolute blast for the taste buds. It comes from great parents – Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. Moreover, it typically has a 20% THC concentration, although it often gets to higher levels. The quality of the strain reflects the cannabinoid presence, which is why this indica-dominant hybrid (55% Indica – 45% Sativa) is a top contender on our list.

This Gelato review will focus on describing the psychoactive effects and medicinal benefits of this strain on most consumers. Before we get to that though, you should know about its physiognomy. This is a plant rich in trichomes, with dark-green leaves and nugs, purple and orange hairs. The flowering cycle is a bit shorter than usual, and the plant prefers a slightly colder climate.

Strong euphoria and deep sedative effects

Buy Gelato cannabis strain online from us, and you’ll relish in a heavy-handed state of euphoria for the next few hours. You’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to kick the doors down on anyone willing to oppose you. Let’s just say that you won’t want more energy and happiness after consuming this strain.

The Gelato puts you under a deep relaxation streak shortly after the euphoria hits you. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before. Many consumers report that this strain made them feel better with themselves, increasing their self-esteem. The state of high will lift your mood considerably, giving you plenty of reasons to feel good with yourself.

Great against stress and depression

Think of it like this – with so much euphoria clinging to your mind, you won’t have time to think of worrisome things. Anxiety and depression will be greatly alleviated from a single smoke of this wonderful plant. The Gelato strain brings to bear great medicinal benefits that will rid your negative thoughts and depressing predilections. Buy Gelato online if you’re looking for a soothing yet euphoric strain, one that elevates your satisfaction and comfort to greater levels!

Whenever you want to perform at your peak despite your tendency to become anxious, think of the Gelato! You won’t want for anything else after experiencing the sedative and comforting effects of one of the tastiest cannabis plants on the market. Moreover, your stress and bodily exhaustion will greatly diminish as well. It’s like someone’s actively taking away your pain and numbness, massaging your body slowly, and putting all your muscles into relaxation mode.

48 reviews for Gelato

  1. Viviane

    The high is perfect for someone with high tolerance, I will recommend it

  2. Henry

    Oh Gelato, you are so very nice! Very dense buds that packs a long lasting punch, it is one of the most unique flavor of cannabis I have ever experienced by far. The effects were pretty immediate and I definitely caught some serious munchies.

  3. ADAM

    Got a small bag to try, quite tasty and easy going down, another strain that doesn’t exactly conk you on the head, but if you use enough it has the potential too. Smells great, good for casual activities with family and friends. Price is not bad, I could see myself purchasing it again on sale. Thanks !!

  4. Stephane

    One of my favorite strains of all time, and Brian’s product delivered. Strong, smelt delicious, beautiful. Provided the preternatural calm and physical relaxation I always look for in Gelato.Tastes great with an incredibly mellow and calming body high. Good for relaxing and removing stress/anxiety

  5. Kent

    Gets me high and gives me a boost of energy. Love the taste of Gelato.

  6. Michael

    This strain smells and tastes great and
    covered in trichomes five stars from me
    I love MMJ Direct

  7. Nihal

    I keep coming back to get these but it is nearly always sold out 🙁 This is by far my favourite strain on mmj and if you are ever here while it’s available, get it while you can.

  8. Elias

    Daaaamn i didn’t expect them to be this good at this price. Will definitely include smalls in my orders. Sure they aren’t as trimmed as big buds but worth if you don’t use tobacco in your joints.

  9. David

    My favourite strain. Gets me high and gives me a boost of energy. Love the taste of Gelato.

  10. Benjamin

    This Gelato produce a euphoric high accompanied by strong feelings of relaxation. Heavy-handed effects of this strain! Good deal small bud option

  11. Tina

    This was a great buy, very tasty with a sweet background taste but pungent. It is a pleasure to smoke and it is a mood lifter indeed. I found myself much more
    Patient and tolerant and it helped me sleep too. I would get this again. I tried it in my arizer vape and it was delicious!

  12. Georgia

    Great price, and good quality for the price. I recommend it if you are looking for a strain to help with stress or pain, but not as effective for sleep for myself. Well kept bud, I actually had to dry it out a bit or use in bong for best burning. Will buy again.

  13. Guillaume

    very good product for the price

  14. Nathalie

    “Smalls” grind easily and smell great! Both my husband and I loved this strain for everyday use. Very balanced uplifting feeling comes on followed by nice flowing relaxing wave. Highly recommended and can’t beat the price!

  15. Justin

    Pretty darn good product for the price. It’s definitely AA quality, but Gelato is a very potent strain! The buds were relatively dense, didn’t really have the expected flavour, but rather a lemony one. The smoke is pretty clean and the buzz is potent. The high is uplifting and motivating; it helps to alleviate depression without causing anxiety.

  16. Giuseppe

    Nice strain for after a day of work to help unwind and relax.

  17. Thomas

    Bought this strain on sale, I think the ounce came down to around 90$ and let me tell you that never have I received the kind of value I got out of this strain for that price. The incredible high this strain provided left me glued to the couch unable to feel the time passing by. Get this Gelato for you’ll rarely see this gem of a bud at such a beautiful price.

  18. Nikki

    Nice bud.. I like the smalls, less stem, and easier to grind. Not a bad smoke, would recommend.

  19. Alana

    For me I found this strain to be very energizing and uplifting. However, I am sensitive to anything stimulating, so I found a little of this goes a long way. If you are prone to anxiety I would start low and slow with Gelato. But! All in all, it was a smooth smoke, nice flavour and the smell was decent out of the bag. For the price point, I think it is a good bang for your buck.

  20. Brandon

    grabbed a few ounces of this strain on the black Friday sales and was quite amazed. it was one of the cheaper kinds so wasn’t expecting to much but was actually very surprised. big dense kiefy buds, that smelled amazing and burned very well. was a very chill high as well. recommend this kind 100% gotta try it. getting more as soon as I get a chance

  21. Travis

    I’ve bought this strain a few times now. For the price point, it’s definitely great. One of the best is that it’s a good smoke at this price point and works well for making your own edibles also. As stated it is a smalls product so the buds are smaller in or around pea size or slightly larger. Not the huge nuggets some love.

    As I said I have purchased this strain before and just added more to my cart.

  22. Filip

    I wish there was a 3.5 rating. I’m writing this as I’m smoking this doobie filled with Gelato. I gotta say when I saw the price and (smalls) in bracketing that I had my doubts as any reasonable human would. But I’m approaching the very end of this doob and am wondering should I have smoked this much? So that’s a good sign I guess? Anyway, great buy

  23. Samira

    I recently bought some gelato cookies flower and not only was the price great but the flavor of the herb was beautiful as well

  24. James

    Taste is there buzz is there price is right can’t go wrong

  25. Tim

    A while back I tried blue gelato and absolutely loved it so I thought I would try out the pure gelato strain. I am still unsure what to think about gelato as it is a very interesting strain with a unique flavour. I would have to say it is great for the odd treat but not my go to strain. All personal preference though as the effects is great.

  26. Madeleine

    Extremely fruity, fresh, and sticky upon arrival! I was looking for a good evening smoke that would promote relaxation but wouldn’t knock me out right away, and Gelato definitely delivers that. I found that this strain has a super easy high that keeps me alert, aware, and able to hold conversations, but gives a nice body high. One minor downside was that this strain seemed to have quite a few stems to work around when grinding, but overall that didn’t change the quality or experience! Would definitely recommend as a chill smoke for all!

  27. Morgan

    Gelato is a strain that always seems to be good quality. I enjoyed this bag and at this price its a steal

  28. Ricky

    Wow really fruity . If put in a vape it really taste like candy absolutely will buy again burns smoother

  29. Rachael

    I found this one great for being social with a friend or two. Didn’t zone out at all. Nice overall happy and relaxed feeling! Will buy again in the future.

  30. Patrick

    Wow nice buds, great smell and amazing taste. Rebuy for sure.
    Service is perfect and fast shipping.
    5 stars.

  31. Jordan

    These smalls have blown me away! It’s almost as if the flavor and potency is more concentrated in the smaller buds.
    A very unique citrus fruit flavour that reminds me of Guava strains!

    This strain is one to elegantly experience in a freshly cleaned piece, I trust this strain will be a smooth and fresh tasting smoke every time!

    The flavor is so strong I’m going to be savoring every bit of it by grinding a little in with other strains I have, to add a sweet tasting boost!

  32. Alexandre

    Was looking to see what mmj had in stock for me,
    This one was verry verry fruity!🍎🍓🍉
    I really apreciated this strain.
    One go to ‘s for sure!

  33. Dan

    One of my favourite go-to’s.
    Good high, great smoke.

  34. Veronika

    Great taste, nice potency, and the buds look beautiful!

  35. Deryk

    I’ve ordered Gelato more than a few times now. Great smell and great taste with a strong high!

  36. Jeff

    Great quality, loved it. Buds are frosty and fresh, with potent effects. One of the best I’ve tried from MMJ.

  37. Tyler

    Dense, sticky nugs. Great taste and burns well. Nice high. One of my favourite strains from this site. Well balanced hybrid so you won’t get full indica effects

  38. Franklin

    i really like this strain, the high i got was nice and chill will be back for more

  39. Deryk

    Always trying new strains, Gelato stood out as one of the better ones. Great taste, strong smell, and an immense high.
    Will definitely order again!

  40. Serge

    definite one of my favorites, relaxing and nice high

  41. Pierrot

    Potent stuff really good bud!

  42. Rajan

    One of my favorite strains of all time, and Brian’s product delivered. Strong, smelt delicious, beautiful. Provided the preternatural calm and physical relaxation I always look for in Gelato.

  43. James

    Absolutely amazing. Great flavour, and a uniquely pleasant feeling high. As if the world were made out of marshmallows and Nerf, and it’s time to play and be happy.

  44. Kathleen

    Certainly decent enough, nice smell – easy high. Thought I would try this strain out. Kathleen

  45. Jeff

    Great tasting, amazing smell, nice smooth smoke. beautiful buzz. Deff one of my faves.!

  46. Trenton

    Tastes great with an incredibly mellow and calming body high. Good for relaxing and removing stress/anxiety

  47. Darryl

    Spices and smooth inhale. Really good cannabis.

  48. Barbara

    Good, strong high. Helps my arthritic pain and muscle pain. Hope this one is a regular!

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