Girl Scout Cookies

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60% Indica dominant hybrid

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Girl Scout Cookies Information

The Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain is one of the most popular and renowned cannabis strains in Canada. This is a 60% Indica dominant hybrid strain that comes from famous parents – OG Kush and Durban Poison X F1. You should expect to see an emerald-green plant covered in fiery-orange hairs and purple hues on the leaves.

The THC content averages around 16-19%, although it’s not impossible to go beyond that limit. Naturally, the hybridization process ensures equal parts of Indica and Sativa, with a slight emphasis on Indica genetic material. As a consequence, the flowering cycle finishes in about 9-10 weeks – that’s when the plant fully blooms.

Earthy aroma leading to intensely euphoric effects

Few cannabis strains compare to the earthy flavour and sweet aroma of the Girl Scout Cookies. You will have your mind blown by the sheer intensity of the earthiness encapsulated in this plant. What’s more, this strain will likely lead to a beautiful – utmost euphoria followed by dense sedation. It all pans out perfectly in a peerless combination.

Firstly, the euphoria and happiness will take over your body, giving way for an intense feeling of self-satisfaction and glee. The cerebral buzz will send you aiming for the highest peaks, giving you enough energy to pluck the stars from the sky. Afterward, your body and mind will melt into one, leading to utter relaxation, comfort, and sedation. This soothing feeling will accompany you for the rest of the trip.

Anti-depressive, anti-anxiety, and pro-relaxation

Due to the strong euphoric effects of the Girl Scout Cookies Canada strain, it’s known for its anti-depressive and anti-anxiety effects. This Girl Scout Cookies review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the medical benefits. You can rest assured that both your body and mind will thank you after consuming this strain.

Make no mistake, the Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain puts you under a strong state of physical sedation as well. Accumulated stress will magically disappear, and you’ll be left completely relaxed and revitalized. Buy Girl Scout Cookies online in Canada from MMJDirect if you want to experience this!

The Girl Scout Cookies strain is the perfect solution to all the unnecessary problems troubling your mind. Whether you want to catch some R&R or get rid of the pesky depression, this strain is your answer. Many consumers have called it their favourite hybrid strain but you’ll have to try it for yourself!

57 reviews for Girl Scout Cookies

  1. Sean

    My fav strain and always my go to. Tastes and smells amazing. Pretty stong so get a couch, TV and some munchies ready.

  2. Kaitlyn

    These are nicely sticky buds, and when you break them up you get blasted with a lovely piney aroma and fingers covered in sticky icky goodness. Potency was great for the price. Bud presentation was very good as well! Bud burns well and indica content will relax your body as you fade into calm and pleasant buzz

  3. Sarah

    Excellent strain!
    Good flavour, burns well, minimal smoke.
    We received some buds that were very nicely trimmed.
    Great high from this; uplifting, and cognitive.
    One of our favorites. We will definitely by buying this again!

  4. Ryan

    Girl Scout Cookies never disappoints. As i go out of my way to purchase this very strain, every chance I get.
    The high can take you away quickly and relax every part of your body. It has a smooth earthy, woody taste.
    This is my anxiety reliever go to. GSC is a top strain for me and my anxiety.
    I roll a healthy joint after supper and enjoy the high immensely as my evening starts the end of the day is near.
    I truly recommend this strain to any and all cannabis smokers this is a top 10 strain in my books.

  5. Melissa

    This strain is always a solid go-to. It’s potent and never disappoints. Smoke is smooth and burns well. Very relaxing high and helps me sleep at night and wind down at the end of a long day.

  6. Victor

    Stroooong!!💪💪 Stronger than expected. Nice and relaxing, good for evening smokers. Has a very memorable flavour and high-quality effects. Highly recommended for PTSD suffers, and anyone who wants to get into a nice trance-like state before taking a nice long bath and falling asleep in the evening. 😌😌 Sooooo calming and relaxing. A strain like no other! 🍪🍪🍪

  7. Spencer

    Wow, this is some nice GSC. It’s my favourite strain and this might be the nicest batch of it I’ve tried. Usually works great for anxiety/depression. Uplifting but soothing, it’s also a super crystal-packed batch that can send you to the moon with a few extra hits. Highly recommend – from the price to the quality, this is a 5/5 for me.

  8. Katrina

    This batch of GSC was OK. Smoke was pretty harsh and ash is all black. If you don’t care for clean and nicely cured weed then it still does the job. Still very stoney, I’d say a hybrid high. Can function and do chores after morning smoke etc but major red eyes and good sleep at night. Cookie strains always make me have uncontrollable munchies. I still had munchies as I normally do but not as crazy as some other cookie fam strains and batches I’ve had. Sadly I will not order this one again.

  9. Justin

    GSC is a great strain with full body relaxation, leaves you feeling happy and street free. If you haven’t tried this before you’re missing out.

  10. kristine

    This strain is highly recommended for folks with MS. I Have purchased it from this dispensary before and I am about to purchase it again.

    The bud looks good, smells good and smokes good. It’s tasty and burns clean.

    It helps to relieve muscle cramping and spasticity for me. Also works well to alleviate pain and helps me sleep.

    I’ve been a cannabis user for over 14 years and I can assure you this product doesn’t disappoint

  11. Jace

    Beautiful, fluffy, well trimmed sticky nugs. The flavor from this was great too, just like cookies!

    GSC has been a favorite strain of mine to relax with ever since I first started smoking and it continues to not disappoint. This one here from MMJ is easily the best bang for your buck. Great strain for relaxing after a stressful day

  12. Brian

    Love my GSC. Can stay productive and focused but nice pain relief and good feels. Keep it up MMJ

  13. Rob

    This was a decent one. Had about 5 different strains at the time and this one stood out. Nice big 3.5 gram bud, and the high had a little extra kick, like a warm pillow over your face lol. Delivery from here has been quicker than anywhere else I’ve ordered from. Definitely recommend

  14. Erika

    Love this for a well balanced high! Very smooth flavour and feel when you’re smoking and can lead to a munchie-happy night. I like to smoke this in the evening and settle into an easy show or good puzzle with a snack.

  15. Aniruddha

    Don’t know what to say except: really good stuff.

    Highly recommend, potent, and smokes well. (BTW, it is fairly potent so take it slow – I took a little too much the first time and it is strongggggggggg.

  16. Ricky

    Very nice. Great heavy hitter. Would buy again

  17. Morgan

    This strain is always a good one! nice colour and smell to it! yum! even more awesome when its on sale!

  18. Darla

    This feels like I am going to able to get up and about without the pain I usually experience and then it helps me to get to sleep and stay 😴 asleep and not toss and turn trying to get away from the pain😕

  19. Karanne

    For sure my favorites strain so far. Good size nugs, sweet, yet pungent smell, and a tasty smoke. Would definitely purchase again, price is beyond resonable aswell!

  20. Tristan

    Really high quality bud and a wonderful, relaxing strain!

  21. Tina

    One of my top five classic go to strains, the mmj version is excellent and in keeping with what I expect. Strong enough, not too strong. I like the taste, woodsy more than sweet. Can use sparingly in the day, and works as an excellant evening relaxant. Rolls up fine and burns smooth. For some reason this strain was not as pungeant as some, which is good for me as I have uncool neighbours.

  22. Devin

    Great flower!! Steady high awesome for a great chilling time. I would get this one all the time if it were on sale more often. Thanks again MMJ for another awesome product!!!

  23. Randall

    This is a pretty good strain and I would purchase this again. The taste is nice.

  24. Joshua

    Girl scout cookies was a good strain, if you do not smoke every day 2 -3 times a day like me, this strain is a great choice, the smell and tatse of this strain makes you feel relaxed and chill.

  25. Rawaz

    gold standard classic! Can’t ever go wrong with these cookies. Always a safe and relaxed night when blazing or vaping. I have these on my top 3 for sure 🙂 Buds are nice,sticky and pungent !

  26. Matthew

    5/5 – iF I COULD GIVE THIS MORE I WOULD. trust me when i say, this is MMJS Best strain. i have tried almost all the flower here, and this will never disappoint. never ever. taste to stone its always quality. this weed is very royal and beautiful. pls if you dont know what to pick, try this. helps for depression and anxiety and so much more.

  27. Tyler

    This one is good for getting you out depression or out of a rut nice flavour and frosty buds true parents in this strain are more Durban poison that coffee like espresso high I worked out today and man I took it to awhile other level avoid this one before bed unless you plan on consuming in higher doses if you are a fan of Durban poison this will Be your cookie cut

  28. Kara

    Mild effect but good for creativity and concentration.

  29. Colin

    This is easily my top 5 strains. It is great in a vape and just gives you a great couch lock. The effects are felt quickly and lasts a good amount of time. I absolutely love this strain and will grab more every time it shows up here.

  30. Haifaa

    My ALL-TIME favourite strain! This strain keeps me so relaxed, yet attentive at the same time. Perfect for day, and night. I find that sleeping is easier for me.

  31. Patrick

    GSC from MMj IS the bomb!

  32. Jad

    Love the taste, feel so relaxed after smoking it

  33. Kiyoshi

    Superb indica high that won’t leave you comatose. Lovely dense, sticky buds from MMJ.

  34. Jarod

    Amazing taste, the high you get off this strain is perfect for relaxing after a long day of work.

  35. Brittany

    Great smoke, good flavour. good high.

  36. Phillipa

    Put me on a cloud to sleep town. Great taste, great high. Really helps with anxiety, overall great quality indica!

  37. Jonathan

    Will def buy again!!!

  38. Preston

    Wow lol, all ill say

  39. Chtistian

    Amazing smelling buds and a good price.

  40. Sandra

    Great buzz, great price

  41. Brandon

    Good smoke

  42. David

    This strain is always a good one to go to for a nice evening smoke. This product is well cred and burns perfect.Well done MMJ like always you come up with some wonderful flower!

  43. Sean

    Really well balanced high. Covered in crystals, and definitely has that slight mint flavor. Beware of serious munchies and a few giggles.

  44. Veronika

    Very tasty, love to take this one for outdoor adventures.

  45. Tyler

    Standard GSC – always good quality

  46. Brittany

    One of my favourites!

  47. Tyrone

    Perfect for warm summer day hikes!

  48. Sinead

    Probably my favorite strain, it’s chill but not debilitating.

  49. Bradley

    Smoke has a nice tase, definitely gives you a dose of the munchies. Preferred at the end of the day as it can definitely couch lock you!

  50. Jeff

    lovely smoke! good taste. nice chill high.

  51. Brandon

    Good weed, will buy again

  52. Cyril

    Superb. From how it burns to tastes to effects, this is a creme of the crop.

  53. Allison

    This is my favorite strain I’ve tried so far! Compliments any activity.

  54. Heather

    Good taste. Smooth buzz. Breaks up nice.

  55. Jessica

    Smells just like cookies! Tastes sweet, burns slow, great for unwinding!

  56. Lori

    love the flavor , and the high is fast and stays awhile . Good for tv watching ,lets you mind relax, love it !

  57. Anonymous

    Fire! Great taste, burns white and the high is great. The body stone will creep up on you!

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