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Glueberry OG Information

Glueberry OG is the favourite strains of many cannabis connoisseurs because of its unmatched flavour. Its parents are OG Kush, Blueberry, and Gorilla Glue, all of which have unique flavours and aromas. Glueberry OG tastes of diesel, citrus, pine, and sweet berries. What more can you ask for? It can also be used to alleviate various symptoms of medical conditions such as anxiety or depression. The psychotropic effects are balanced, offering a cozy euphoric and relaxing experience.

How does Glueberry OG taste and smell like?

This strain’s aesthetics remind us of the old OG Kush, with a bit of Blueberry frosty trichomes added in. You can see familiar purple hues on the calyxes and buds, alongside fresh-looking orange hairs. This type of evergreen marijuana looks incredibly well even before you smell it. The aroma is otherworldly as it combines a ton of different fragrances into one big pot of goodness.

This strain hits your hard with its diesel-citrus flavour. The bittersweet berry flavour brings hints of pine and wood with it. There’s an obvious fruitiness attached to Glueberry OG, and a bit of Kush nose coming from its parents. The main flavours are incredibly pungent and intense. Both the taste and flavour follow the same pattern of hitting you hard, with an impactful blow.

What are the effects like?

There’s nothing unexpected here. Glueberry OG isn’t an aggressive strain, and this is due to its balanced 50-50 heritage. The THC concentration reaches 15-20%, though, making Glueberry OG an intense journey nonetheless. Initially, a wave of euphoria washes over you, eliminating all negative thoughts and helping you focus. Then, you’ll find yourself clouded in a state of haziness and fogginess.

This weed strain affects your body with an incredibly heavy feeling of relaxation and physical rejuvenation. It’s not a full-body couch-lock experience, though. You can still carry on with your activities and retain your enhanced focus. Though, you’ll want to stay immovable and fully enjoy the relaxing effects that Gluberry OG promotes. Both euphoria and relaxation flood your body and mind, giving you a solid reason to stay still.

Due to this elevated state of relaxation and the 15-20% THC concentration level, many medical patients use Gluberry OG as a treatment method. Many users report beneficial therapeutic effects in mild cases of anxiety and depression, appetite loss, chronic stress, PTSD, migraines, and regular headaches. It’s one thing for the experience to be cerebral and rejuvenating, but it’s another thing to obtain these therapeutic benefits.

5 reviews for Glueberry OG

  1. Tim

    Glueberry OG is such a perfect treat. It has the strength of Gorilla Glue mixed with just strong delicious sweet smell and taste of OG Kush and blueberry. This smoke will go straight to your head without putting you to sleep. I’d have to say one of my top three strains ever.I give it five out of five for smell five out of five for taste and five out of five for effects

  2. Brody

    Loved this strain alot, very flavorful and pungent. This stain smoked very well and was very relaxing. The weed was not dry at all and I was satisfied for sure. I was still able to get things done while being relaxed. I would recommend this strain and would definitely get it again. 🔥

  3. Veronika

    I bought this strain because I was looking for a 50/50 hybrid that would be effective, but not too strong for daytime use. It really does the trick for this – I feel relaxed afterwards, but I am still able to go about my day and be productive.

  4. Ricky

    Nice dense buds very sticky burns clean. very enjoyable to smoke. Would buy again

  5. Giuseppe

    Fantastic! Smells and tastes amazing.

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