God Bud

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Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

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God Bud Information

God Bud is a fairly even, well-balanced cannabis strain. It approximately contains 50-60% Indica and 40-50% Sativa with a THC level that averages around 15-16%, which can go as high as 22%. The highest THC content ever recorded in a sample of this hybrid is believed to be a mind-blowing 27%. Its CBD level remains amongst the modest, with the highest level known to be approximately 0.10%.

This fragrant hybrid is known to be a crossbreed of a Hawaiian landrace strain, Purple Skunk and the mysterious strain simply named ‘God’. Due to its Indica content, it is a highly enjoyed strain in the evenings.

Fragrance and Appearance

The fragrance of this cannabis strain can be best described as giving out a musky and sweet aroma, with notes reminiscing of earthy-sweet flavours. Many users report that this hybrid’s delicious fragrance is rich in sweet notes of chocolate.

Short and compact in height, God Bud is still potent in its beneficial properties. It typically grows to about three to four feet high, and it can be recognized by its heavily- branched appearance. Its buds are dense and large, and its highlights of purple give away its Purple Skunk heritage. Its flowers are generously covered in trichomes, and among the plants leaves an abundance of orange pistils can be seen.

The Marvelous Effects of God Bud

God Bud is the 1st Place Indica Cup award winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup. This is no wonder considering its powerfully aromatic flower profile that delivers full flavours and staggering effects to both mind and body.

This cannabis strain is very popular amongst medical patients. It is commonly used to treat chronic stress and the symptoms caused by the condition. It is a great counsel due to its properties that help its users to relax and achieve a calm state that enables them to feel freedom from the weight carried by the stress.

Because of its mentally uplifting and mood-boosting effects, one can easily unwind into a peaceful relaxation. This also can bring effective relief from depression and anxiety.

God Bud has a successful track record in treating a myriad of pain-related conditions, such as muscle aches, joint pains, muscle spasms, migraines and even chronic headaches.

As the high progresses throughout the evening, a sense of tiredness and sleepiness typically starts to take over. This is significantly helpful to those suffering from insomnia as it guides them into a well-needed, restful night’s sleep.

4 reviews for God Bud

  1. Benjamin

    I am a huge fan of God Bud. I think it is Snoop Dog’s favorite as well! Very Nice bud structure, clean burning ash, and a peppery, spicy aftertaste which makes me cough a bit, in a good way.

  2. Rahim

    Great strain for relaxing! One of those strains that will take the stress away! I would say more indica dominant. Smoke during the day and it will most likely lead to a nap. Real nice high! Both body and head high!

  3. Catherine

    Wowza! First hit of God Bud in the vapourizer and I felt compelled to write a review. Super delicious, full-bodied taste (I’ve never said that before but it’s the only way to describe it) and a nice, mellow high. Beautiful, dense buds in purple and green.

  4. Tyler

    If your truly looking for a unique terp profile and a nice euphoria with a lazy body feel kinda vibe this is your medicine great for chronic aches and pains and not gonna knock you in out in a moderate dose but most definetly can put you away slight visuals Everything seems more appealing

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