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Gorilla Bomb Information

Gorilla Bomb was created by crossing Gorilla Glue #4 with THC Bomb resulting in a strain that contains staggering THC levels that average between 27% and 31%. This strain can offer a powerful euphoric high for the mind and a soothing, sedative high for the body.


Even though Gorilla Bomb is a Sativa dominant strain, containing about 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, it is best suited for afternoon use. You wouldn’t want to consume this stain before or during work hours as its body high can cause a couch lock effect.


A Happy High For A Happy Mind


Gorilla Bomb can provide a powerful lift in your mood due to its euphoric high that can place your overall state in positivity. Consuming this strain can help relieve tension and stress enabling you to not carry the weight of negativity.


This Sativa strain can also help with cases of depression and PTSD, moving the overwhelming symptoms caused by these medical conditions out of the spotlight. Gorilla Bomb provides a powerful high, so even though it is uplifting for the mind and soul, it can be highly sedative for the body, so you might want to use this strain when you are chilling at home.


A Body At Ease


Going through the day and into the evening with physical pains and aches can be overwhelming and exhausting. It is hard to get things done or to enjoy even a relaxing time at home when pain and physical discomforts get in the way of that.


Gorilla Bomb carries pain-relieving and sedative properties. If you oftentimes struggle from the effects of chronic pain, joint pain, muscle cramps, headaches, then you might want to consider using this strain to relieve these overbearing symptoms. As Gorilla Bomb soothes your aches away, your body can ease into a comforting relaxation.


A Fruity And Earthy Flavour


When it comes to smoking or dabbing a cannabis strain, one of the aspects users are interested in is a strain’s aroma and flavour. Nobody wants to get a bud that does not offer an enjoyable experience when it comes to its fragrance and taste.


Gorilla Bomb is highly enjoyed and liked by its users, not just because of its powerful effects but also because of its wonderful taste. This strain usually offers notes of berries, citrus, and earthy in its aroma making its smoke and taste a pleasant one.

11 reviews for Gorilla Bomb

  1. Jennifer

    Boom, come on hard and the fade out is smooth. nice strain.

  2. Nicolas

    This is the first time I buy Gorilla Bomb and when I saw it was a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 with THC Bomb and that it had THC levels that average between 27% and 31% I was blown away. If you like high THC levels, this one will get you really happy. With this weed, I guarantee you that you will feel just like you’ve added a lot of THC keif in your joint, which is you will get high asf. The taste of this particular strain is really good and smooth.

    I also tried it directly in my bong, oh well it was so good, tasted good and hit gradually in 5-10min. You will get so energized with this, you have to try this! I give a rating of 5 / 5

  3. Melanie

    Oooo this is the BOMB!! My husband loved it. His body felt relaxed, while his head felt clear and creative. Priced really well and high THC content is a win/win. I’ve been popping on every day to check if it’s back in stock and we waiting patiently xo

  4. Guillaume

    Good price and flavor.. with a big potency, l like this strain!

  5. Adam

    a great AND cheap alternative to strains like blue dream, i loved this strain when playing video games.

  6. Paul

    Great 50/50 hybrid – blends the indica and sativa effects very nicely. Perks you up without anxiousness and helps me relax at the same time. Makes me want to get up and be productive.

    Buds I received were medium-sized , dense, tight and well cured.
    Scent is thick – a mix of cheese and lemon (maybe..?). Honestly it’s pretty nice – just different.
    Vaping, the smoke is smooth and thick, not super flavourful, but easy going in. A bowl lasts for a decent amount of time maybe due to the bud density.

    I like this one a lot… Great vibes, chill and energetic.
    Should have bought more.

  7. Morgan

    I tried this strain for the first time and it looks just like the pictures. Lot of orange hairs and nice size buds mixed in. The scent isn’t too strong, so you wont stink up the place if you take this out anywhere. But the effects are good, not harsh on your throat. Really enjoyed this strain, will for sure buy again whenever it is in stock.

  8. Rob

    Not too bad. Very tight buds. Not the tastiest strain but it went well with the death bubba kief. More of a daytime strain imo

  9. Justin

    This is a very well priced bud. Has a nice lemon flavour and has a decent potency level. The smoke is smooth and the high isn’t too overpowering. A good strain for when you still need to stay on top of stuff. Beautiful looking buds with long orange hairs. Would highly recommend for inexperienced smokers.

  10. Raymond

    Good Price. Good bud. Bud size varies from big to small. Smoke is smooth and flavour is decent. I would recommend and possibly buy again as there are many other strains I would like to try.

  11. Drake

    Okay wow where do I start. First off, I’m impressed. The nugs are beautiful and once ground up it produces an amazing amount of kief. Secondly, it’s not far off from the original gorilla glue #4. Infact, it takes everything that made gorilla glue #4 great and cranked it up to 11. The unique taste of GG and GB and very similar. That being said I definitely feel the energy from this over the #4. Great bag and a pleasure to smoke. 💨

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