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Granddaddy Purple has an infamous flavour of berry, fruity grapes, and sweet pine. With this infamy comes a certain set of expectations that consumers have when it comes to its effects. Thankfully, Granddaddy Purple doesn’t disappoint! It has a 70% Indica profile with a THC concentration of 20-27%, which clearly shows its propensity for potent psychoactive effects. According to consumers who tried it, Granddaddy Purple is first and foremost a cerebral strain with ample euphoric effects, and then it descends into ultra-sedation!

What does Granddaddy Purple look and taste like?


What else could a strain called Granddaddy Purple look like other than purple? While it does have a few shades of purple to its name, this strain isn’t entirely purple, though. The leaves are dark-green, with greenish buds tinted in purple, surrounded in bright-orange hairs that make everything appear more colourful and intriguing. Lastly, a thick coat of resin-filled crystal trichomes covers the rest of the strain, leading to a stunning first visual impression.

As for its flavour and aroma, Granddaddy Purple is almost unmatched in the world. Based on what users can tell, this strain is super sweet, with a fresh fruity flavour that splits into grape and berry aromas. A fresh aroma of pine should come on the exhale, as well, effectively lightening your psychological pressure and relaxing your body. A heavy spicy pungency may also be present in some cases, and it may even be overwhelming at times.

What are the effects of Granddaddy Purple?


In essence, a therapeutic and potent strain such as Granddaddy Purple is excellent for veterans and beginners alike. All those who’ve smoked it claim that the initial cerebral effects are enjoyable yet not overwhelming. You’ll most likely be tripping with nice visuals and a high enthusiasm until the relaxation hits you hard. Until that moment, the euphoric invigoration should improve your mood and deal with most cases of anxiety and depression.

Speaking of therapeutic benefits, Granddaddy Purple is an excellent medical treatment for many symptoms. This strain is perfect for cases of insomnia, loss of appetite, muscle spasms, chronic pains, migraines, PTSD, arthritis, and depression. In fact, if you use it correctly and don’t overdo it, Granddaddy Purple should improve your health and wellbeing significantly for the duration of the high. Its relaxing potential is especially beneficial, since it allows you to unwind and leave behind all the accumulated stress. You’ll likely start loving every moment of it!


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