Shatter by Grandpa’s Medicine

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Shatter by Grandpa’s Medicine Information

Grandpa Shatter is a high-quality shatter coming from one of the best weed concentrate manufacturers in Canada. It’s high THC concentration, combined with a natural weed flavour, results in a wholly enjoyable experience that you can’t miss out on. What this shatter can do for you, most other weed concentrates can’t. Especially when it comes to treating your medical conditions and symptoms. Are you suffering from constant insomnia or chronic pains? No problem, since one slice of this shatter is enough to manage your symptoms!

Its appearance and flavour are quite persuasive regarding its high-quality, as well. Everything about Grandpa Shatter is taken to a new level of quality, right there in the top. Smell and taste this shatter before you reach any conclusion, though. It’ll take you by surprise and leave a euphoric wave washing over your mind. The euphoria lasts until the full-body experience can eventually begin. That’s when most of the physical effects start appearing.

What does Grandpa Shatter look and taste like?


Grandpa Shatter is a solid and brittle concentrate that looks like a sheet of dark-yellow glass. Or brittle honey, for that matter. You can break it in little pieces and dose out your next sitting right now! The reasons for this brittleness and dark-yellow colour are the heightened potency and the manufacturing process, which rely on special solutions to be applied. You’ll notice bubbles on the shatter, and that’s quite normal as well. Every piece of shatter has a unique pattern of bubbles, in fact.

The flavour of Grandpa Shatter can be likened with freshly-pasted weed, only more intense. There are countless terpenes and natural cannabis flavours mixed up in this concentrate. The result is a super intense and rich aroma that only takes full form when you give it a taste. You’ll feel a strong flavour of earthiness on the exhale, as well as various other flavours throughout the experience. It depends on the strain Grandpa Shatter was made from. Either way, the taste is great!

What are the effects of Shatter?


Like any other shatter out there, Grandpa Shatter is packed with countless cannabinoids and terpenes. Its THC concentration runs in the dozens, only reaching a stop when it can completely stone you. You’ll notice a slightly elevated stated of being taking over you, with euphoria in tow. You’ll grow joyful and more motivated for the time being, while your body prepares for what’s coming next – sedation. The full-body experience is a large part of the reason why medical patients love this shatter.

Grandpa Shatter offers a variety of medical applications, mainly dealing with its analgesic and mood-improving properties. While it can treat your average symptoms like headaches, nausea, stress, and physical exhaustion, Grandpa Shatter should be used for more severe medical conditions. That’s what the high THC concentration should be used for. Take a piece of this concentrate, eat it up, and watch yourself feeling better than ever! This shatter will help you regardless of your medical condition:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite loss
  • Chronic pains
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Multiple sclerosis

1 review for Shatter by Grandpa’s Medicine

  1. Ryan

    This is a must try shatter, nice and brittle not all gooey. I tried the Denver Maple and it didn’t disappoint. Smooth tasty hits are the perfect solution to pain and anxiety. I will be getting more of this product.

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