Grape Milkshake by Gastown Collective

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Grape Milkshake by Gastown Collective Information

Grape Milkshake by Gastown Collective is a great marijuana strain for experienced users as it generally carries high THC levels that average around 27%. With the potent THC of this weed strain coupled with its Indica-dominant profile, the relaxing and pain-soothing effect of this marijuana bud can be intense.


Grape Milkshake offers a juicy taste of grapes, skunk, and wood. A cross between Cookies and Cream with Purple Punch, the aroma and flavour of this flower is pleasantly delicious. We recommend consuming this weed strain at the end of your work and any other responsibilities, close to the evening, when you wish to forget about worries and pains, and melt into a warm state of comfort and relaxation.


A Strong Body High


Grape Milkshake by Gastown Collective offers a subtle cerebral high that won’t necessarily increase your focus for your problem-solving tasks. Instead, it may clear some of the clouds that bring about worries and negative thoughts. Initially, you may feel a subtle surge of mental creativity coupled with a subtle euphoric mood boost to elevate positive and happy feelings. This uplifting high usually makes way for a comforting relaxation, where your mind can take a break from over-thinking and over-worrying, and your body can enjoy relief from tensions and physical aches.


Stress and anxiety. With the relaxing properties of this marijuana strain, you may feel an uplifting and mood-boosting relief from stress and anxiety, allowing you to de-stress so you can better focus on what it is you wish to get done. You may notice as your anxiousness turns into a state of relaxation and ease.


A subtle focus. With the initial cerebral high of Grape Milkshake, your focus may sharpen enabling you to build some last-minute momentum for some of those mundane tasks that you wish to finish up.


Body aches and tensions. The physical high of this weed bud may relieve some physical pains, including muscle cramps, headaches, joint pains, and more.


Strong Effects


Grape Milkshake by Gastown Collective usually provides intense effects that may be too intense for new users, while for experienced users it may be just the right amount for the relaxation, comfort, and subtle boost they need for their afternoons or evenings.


As you break open the buds of Grape Milkshake, you may also experience a strong aroma of creamy sweetness with dominant notes of grapes followed by skunky and woody overtones. The smoke of this weed strain can be thick, but not too harsh for experienced smokers.

2 reviews for Grape Milkshake by Gastown Collective

  1. Rechelle

    Lovely taste
    Smooth smoke nice head buzz

  2. Ryan

    A smooth smoke and delicious flavor. Gastown Collectives have done it again. My first smoke of the day and this was amazing and highly recommend this and all other of Gastown’s Collection.

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