Gummies by Dose

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Gummies by Dose Information

Each package by Dose contains five gluten-free gummies enriched with natural fruit flavouring. Edibles by Dose are lab tested to ensure potency, consistency, and precision in dosing with each gummy.

The active ingredient found in Dose Gummies is a potent THC Distillate with about 99% purity. One package contains 100mg THC, and each gummy carries 20mg of this powerful THC Distillate.

THC-Infused Gummies by Dose: Health Properties

These premium gummies can be greatly efficient in meeting your needs, whether they are medicinal, or simply recreational.

Dose Gummies can help reduce the severity of nausea caused by heavy treatments such as chemo while promoting appetite.

These THC-infused gummies can also provide the following beneficial effects:

  • Relieve acute, neuropathic, and chronic pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Alleviate symptoms of PTSD
  • Decrease levels of anxiety and depression
  • Promote a comforting relaxation for both body and mind
  • Boost your mood followed by a state of energised euphoria and productivity

Besides its health properties, you can also enjoy the benefit of its discreet packaging. This allows you to carry your Dose Gummies wherever you go, and chew on the gummy when you need relief from your pain or other burdensome struggles throughout your day.

Dose Gummies: Tips for Best Results

If you are a newbie, we do not recommend copying someone else’s dosing metrics and use them as your own. Keep in mind that each person’s tolerance levels with cannabis can differ significantly.

Start with a slow dose (about 10mg) and wait for up to 90 minutes for effects to kick in. If the effects are not strong enough, then you can help yourself to a second serving. It is recommended to only increase your dose by 10mg per day. You can implement this technique until you find the right dose for you.


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