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Happy Hour by SeC Information

The SeC Happy Hour is a delicious gummy with a strong flavour of citric sweetness. Did anyone ask for a Pina Colada? Because that’s exactly what you’re getting, in jelly form! Happy Hour means you’re finally improving your mood and becoming calmer than ever before. As soon as you eat one of these gummies, you’ll feel happier, motivated, and more creative than before.

The 50mg of THC inside the Happy Hour will elevate your mood and provide ample pleasure and relaxation. If you wanted to try something new, then the SeC Happy Hour is just what you need. On the other hand, if you wanted to find a novel treatment for your medical symptoms, then Happy Hour can help you! Both veteran and novice cannabis enthusiasts will find the SeC Happy Hour groovy and delectable.

What does the SeC Happy Hour look and taste like?

If you were wondering whether you can create a weed edible that looks like a cocktail, then the SeC Happy Hour is the answer! Depending on your luck, the edible will have a different appearance, and it’ll look like a various cocktail. If it’s a Pina Colada, then you’re in luck! As for the taste, it’s generally citric and sweet, which reminds you of the perfect cocktail.

The rainbow-like appearance and the odd shape of a cocktail combines with the citric-sweet flavour to create a unique cannabis edible that anyone would enjoy. The flavour and aroma are rich and ample enough to impress even the most veteran cannabis users out there. Moreover, the therapeutic effects completely support the same impression of intense and potent edible.

What are the effects of the SeC Happy Hour?

Every SeC Happy Hour edible contains 50mg of THC, which is more than enough to grant a superb ganja state. The psychoactive state is cleansing and healing, in a way. Your body and mind will synchronize to the same frequency of tranquility and calmness. As your mind starts calming down and opening itself to the euphoria, your worries and anxiety start decreasing in intensity. You have nothing to worry about with the Happy Hour here!

Then, when the psychoactive state reaches a peak, your body starts buzzing with anticipation. The sedation isn’t far away, and your body knows that. If you have chronic pains, arthritis, inflammation, or old injuries that are acting up again, the SeC Happy Hour should help you alleviate these symptoms. It’s even efficient for cases of insomnia, migraines, severe anxiety, and appetite loss.

12 reviews for Happy Hour by SeC

  1. Pat

    I liked these gummies. The buzz much like other gummies

  2. Jhonatan

    good for try after a good brake of smoke

  3. Cameron

    A good upfront but does have a bit of a weedy aftertaste. Strong enough to cut up for multiple does for sure.

  4. Aaron

    It was a little to big for me, but was good texture and taste. I dig these edibles. But only 1 thumb up form me

  5. katarina

    This was an amazing edible for me, I had purchased it because I wanted help sleeping or really just to boost my mood as my anxiety and depression make it hard for me to do so many things. It lasted hours and the gummy itself was so tasty. It was 🍋lemon and lime, a good citrus flavour 😋 and it really helped me relax. If you have never taken an edible, I recommend only biting off a small piece because it is powerful and really lasts long. it helped me sleep for about 12 hours, which was after I had less pain, less depressive thoughts and I wish I could order them all 😅

  6. Alex

    This product tasted really good and offered a long lasting high. Decent price as well

  7. Jordan

    Great taste, good high, good times, just a great edible overall.

  8. megan

    Great taste! I have a higher tolerance, so this gave me a nice light buzz and was effective in relieving some muscle cramp pain.

  9. Stephanie

    These are SOOO tasty! I honestly wish I had a bag of inactive ones of these to eat, since I would eat like 10 at once. Ill stick to a quarter of them for a good dose.

  10. Ryan

    These taste really good and are pretty potent, highly recommend. Take one full piece for a great buzz!

  11. Cedric

    Great quality and fast delivery. Taste good! Took half of it and it gave me smooth relaxing buzz. Would recommand to those who don’t like to smoke

  12. Jessika

    This was very tasty! I’m not sure what strain it is, but this is a great price for 50mg. If you’re a beginner you can just have 1/5 of it and be good to go. It gives you a nice low fuzzy high and you just feel lighter and more relaxed.

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