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Hard Candy by Astro Edibles Information

The world of cannabis edibles is populated by many contenders to first prize. Among them, the Astro Edibles Hard Candy can definitely secure a spot at the winner’s table. These candies are aptly named after their flavours:

  • Sour Apple Earth
  • Strawberry Mars
  • Jupiter Watermelon
  • Blueberry Venus
  • Sour Raspberry Mercury
  • Peach Uranus
  • Cherry Saturn
  • Pineapple Pluto
  • Grape Neptune

These candies are distilled with pure-grade THC, and each candy contains 20mg of THC. The entire pack has 180mg of THC, which is clearly enough for anyone to nibble on for a while. Once you eat one of these candies, your body and mind will soar into space thanks to the intense cannabis effects.

What does the Astro Edibles Hard Candy do to you?

This type of candy is filled with pure THC, ensuring a raw cannabis experience set to fix up your body and mind. If you’re feeling off, then these candies induce a solid state of euphoria and happiness. You don’t know why you’re laughing at everything you see or hear, and that’s about it. Most importantly, any muscle pains or aches vanish as soon as the euphoria turns into relaxation.

Depending on the flavour, each candy will take over your mind differently. The flavours are organic and very intense, so much so that you might start drooling after a simple whiff. You won’t believe how tasty these cannabis edibles are, after taking one into your mouth. You can bite them, chew them, or nibble on them until you’ve had enough!

What should you know about the Hard Candy?

Each candy is lightly coated in a fine powder to prevent stickiness. When you first taste one, it’ll start melting in your mouth slowly, opening up the door to a new level of delicious flavours. Each candy has 20mg of THC, so dosing them out isn’t hard at all.

3 reviews for Hard Candy by Astro Edibles

  1. Anna

    I loved these. The candies are delicious and the high is pretty dope. I bit or cut most of my candies in half. 20mg is a bit too much for me. The candies are hard-ish you can easily bite through them. Would definitely buy again when I want that edible type high. The high doesn’t wipe you out, I worked and created easily with this mellow high.

  2. Nicole

    Best Hard Candy this site has ever had!!! ** Flavors are ideal
    Not sticky – won’t stick to teeth easily
    Not super strong so for those looking to FEEL it I recommend 2x
    Keep these forever!!

  3. Emily

    These are delightful! Honestly I would eat these just as candies, they taste that nice. As for effects, I have a fairly high tolerance (usually use 100mg edibles). Taking one of these makes me feel so calm, similar to the effect of CBD (although I don’t think there’s any in them)

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