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Hawaiian Cookies Information

A relatively new strain, Hawaiian Cookies is a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines the effects of both indicas and sativas. A member of the famous Girl Scout Cookies family of strains, Hawaiian Cookies first appeared around 2014.

From its notorious parent, it takes a significant indica-centric, body-heavy experience. Its Hawaiian Snow parent gives it a powerful citrus taste, and follows up with its invigorating sativa high.

What does Hawaiian Cookies do?

As a true hybrid, this strain rides the fence between indica and sativa traits. Users report that it makes them feel relaxed and tranquil, while simultaneously imbuing a euphoric and uplifted high. Thanks to its sativa lineage, it also may inspire creativity and sociability, so it’s great for parties.

Smokers will quickly find that Hawaiian Cookies is a great all-day strain, just as adept at wake-and-bakes as it is after a long day. It can help streamline repetitive tasks, and makes errands a breeze.

In addition to the high it provides, weed may have several beneficial effects. Some data suggests that cannabis may be able to relieve certain health-related issues. It may have anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and sleep-promoting effects.

As a result, some sources say that it may be able to help combat the effects of issues like arthritis, insomnia, low appetite, and more.

Hawaiian Cookies Appearance and Aroma

While its name might not carry the same aromatic connotations as certain other strains, Hawaiian Cookies doesn’t disappoint with its scent. Hawaiian Cookies features a citrusy aroma, cut with peppery and herbal tones from its Girl Scout Cookies parent.

Its smell invokes tropical images of sunny beaches, along with the relaxing vibes of its high. Hawaiian Cookies is also a visually-appealing strain. Its deep, forest-green nugs are crowned with rich, amber hairs. A sheath of trichome crystals encircles the buds, glistening with potency.


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