Honey Badger (Smalls)

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Honey Badger (Smalls) Information

Honey Badger is an ultra rare strain in the world, and we barely get our hands on it these days. A cross between UGORG #1 and UK Exodus Psychosis, Honey Badger is the sweet relief you want when chronic pains plague you. Similarly, its delicious tangy taste and floral aromas will motivate you to keep smoking it. It’s just that good and enjoyable! The THC concentration comes down to 15-18%, so the effects are plenty powerful for most consumers.

This is an extreme hybrid created by Underground Originals, a team that specializes in such strains. Its level of potency, aroma, and smoothness are all taken to an elevated level, which means you get double the fun and therapeutic potential with Honey Badger. It’s a sweet relief for many medical symptoms and medical conditions, such as anxiety, depression, chronic pains, and more. Just take a smoke and see how it goes for you!

What does Honey Badger look and taste like?

 If there’s anything that stands out visually, then it has to be the resinous and trichome-rich buds. With amber-orange pistils pointing upwards and dense buds populating the plant, Honey Badger looks quite delicious and ready to be smoked at any moment. The coat of frosty trichome crystals is spread around, covering just about everything. You could even say that the buds look as if they were coated in a layer of sugary honey, with all the trichomes and resin.

Honey Badger’s flavour is highly floral and citric. It reminds us of other, more lemon-like strains, though this one takes the middle path. With its floral and complex range of aromas, it delivers an intriguing and satisfying experience from the get-go. You’ll notice a few notes of haze and cheese on the exhale, which further improve the overall experience. The psychoactive effects only serve to accompany the incredible flavour.

What effects does Honey Badger have?

 Think about the most intense bud you’ve smoked and tone it down just a bit. Honey Badger may not be the most potent strain out there, but it offers a balanced stoning experience. The cerebral and physical effects combine wonderfully, leading to euphoria and relaxation melting into your brain and body. This is a Sativa-dominant strain that delivers a rush of energetic euphoria running through your brain at high speed. You can’t stay depressed or worried for too long!

After the euphoria settles down, it’s time for the full-body effects to kick in. Honey Badger won’t offer a couch-lock sedation per se. Instead, it’ll intoxicate you enough to relax and feel comfortable for the next few hours. Muscle pains disappear, inflammation is decreased, and other chronic pains also cease affecting you so much. Honey Badger offers a wide range of therapeutic benefits for those interested in them. Besides treating your depression and dealing with chronic pains, this strain should also help with:

  • Insomnia
  • Lack of appetite
  • Mild cases of nausea and headaches
  • PMS
  • Stress
  • Physical exhaustion
  • Multiple sclerosis

4 reviews for Honey Badger (Smalls)

  1. Benjamin

    sweet and spicy fruity peach flavour with a touch of lime and honey. The aroma is very earthy and spicy with a fruity lime overtone that’s accented by citrus and pungent sugar! I recommend for day time $$$small price

  2. Patrizia

    Thought I’d give this one a try – I like to have a bit of a variety on hand for whatever mood or need I have.

    When I opened the package, the first thing I noticed was a sweet pleasant aroma. It’s nice and dark green buds have a bit of a sticky texture but I don’t mind that at all 🙂

    First puff was “wow – this tastes awesome”. Smooth with a nice after taste and great buzz. Definitely getting more.

    Put me in a nice happy mindset, didn’t give me the munchies. I found it to be calming and think this is going to be a good strain for when I’m having panic and anxiety issues.

  3. Morgan

    I have tried a few of the (smalls) category strains and this is top 2 of them. I had been getting Gelato(smalls) but it hasn’t been in stock so I tried this one. It has a earthy sorta herb smell to it with a hint of sweetness that I really enjoyed the flavor of. I liked the feeling of this one,good for daytime use. I will definitely order this one again.

  4. Matthew

    This is so nice for a nice sunny day to relax and do as you pls. plus if you want to get something done, there is so much room for that too. drift off into happiness with this calm and sativa that sits nice in the brain. hope you support mmj and try out this lovely strain that you cant get anywhere else.

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