Ice Cream Cake by Gastown Collective

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Ice Cream Cake by Gastown Collective Information

Ice Cream Cake is a 75% Indica-dominant cannabis strain with an emphasis for sedation and relaxation, straight from Gastown Collective. These Canadian growers place a lot of emphasis on flavour and potency. As soon as you take that first smoke, you’ll realize just why medical patients use this strain for self-medication. However, sedation is not this strain’s main attraction, not by a longshot! Its true secret lies in the extremely delicious flavour. The sweetness and creamy aroma are one-of-a-king in this world!

This strain is inspired by the gas cans of Gastown Collective, a team of cannabis enthusiasts established in Canada. They’ve grown and commercialized many AAAA-type strains before, with super high THC levels and enjoyable effects. Whether we’re talking about Sativas or Indicas, Gastown Collective has what it takes to take consumer enjoyability to the next level! They’re passionate about making high-quality weed products, and they always test them for quality and safety.

What’s the appearance and taste of Ice Cream Cake like?


Ice Cream Cake doesn’t look entirely like an actual cake, unfortunately. However, you may enjoy the bright colours surrounding this strain. The forest-green nugs are the size of grapes, and they’re surrounded by bright-orange hairs and frosty-white crystal trichomes. These colours are all you need to deduce the actual taste and effects of Ice Cream Cake.

In terms of taste, Ice Cream Cake is nutty, sweet, and creamy, just as a true weed strain should be like! Once you have a first toke, the nutty aroma will fill your mouth and lungs, spreading throughout your body. There’s a cheesy and pungent sweetness hidden beneath the clear and smooth smoke. The reason this strain is called an Ice Cream Cake is mainly due to its sweet flavour and aroma, after all. The other reason is the coolness of the effects.

What are the effects of Ice Cream Cake?


You’ve rarely tasted something so good and delicious as the Ice Cream Cake! Besides its taste lies a different perspective on things, though. Medical patients will be impressed by the therapeutic benefits offered by Ice Cream Cake. After all, the 20-25% THC concentration is more than enough to offer a versatile experience. More specifically, this strain can help you with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Glaucoma
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • PTSD
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Appetite loss

You should use Ice Cream Cake whenever you want to access a cleaner and more cerebral state of mind. The Indica effects will push out all your negative thoughts and depressive predilections, leaving only the optimistic ones. You’ll feel a surge of euphoria flood your mind, giving you a slight state of relaxation and sedation. The sedation becomes stronger as the psychoactive experience reaches a peak. In the end, you’ll feel a sensation of couch-lock take over you, supressing any chronic pains and aches.

11 reviews for Ice Cream Cake by Gastown Collective

  1. Anna

    I love this weed everything about it. It tastes sweet and hits you hard but no paranoia or anxiousness. I will be getting more for sure.

  2. Justin

    This is absolutely one of my favorite strains. Highly recommend this one. Enjoy?

  3. Randy

    WOW…first time buying this AWESOME tasting and a nice buzz… Awesome strain…5 Stars *****

  4. T.J

    Said screw it and took the leap. Purchased some of this bud. One of the few strains that I’ve tried recently that has knocked me back a few steps. That says a lot as I have smoked daily for over 25 years and have built up quite the tolerance. This stuff is mega powerful…amateurs go easy with this one. I only gave this one a 4 star as I felt for the price, they could have been flushed a bit better. A joint of this tasted great until the the last few tokes. No complaints other than that. Definitely a great knock out nighttime indica

  5. Sukh

    One of my favorite strains. Smokes great, taste even better. will buy again

  6. Elias

    Worth every penny if you care about your smoke and what you put in your lungs

  7. Patrick

    This was the best marijuana I’ve ever had. I personally loved it. My girlfriend, she loved it too. The buds were large sized and rock hard. It had a nice green color that was appealing The nose was gassy and sweet. Trichomes everywhere. This stuff was stinky, like really stinky. I could smell it through my Herb Guard bag.. Of course, with a smell like that, the effects had to be awesome. The smoke was heavy and smooth. It tasted amazing and was so strong it made me choke everywhere. The buzz didn’t take long to overpower me. God I love that. I found this flower to be quite a powerful sedative and due to the powerful nighttime effects, I generally reserved this bud for bedtime. I hope to acquire this stuff again sometime.

  8. Alexandre

    One of my top 5 favourite strains !
    MMJ got that fire 🔥🔥
    $$ Would buyout the product if it wasn’t so pricey $$
    Still i recommend top shelf product!

  9. Tim

    I have had extremely good results ordering “smalls” off of mmjdirect so I thought I’d try the ice cream cake smalls. What a great deal! I was not disappointed at all. I absolutely love this strain. Too bad the regulars are so expensive. This is another one that goes straight to your head. Absolutely delicious sweet taste I can see where they got the name ice cream cake from. The taste is a spot-on match. I give it five out of five for smell five out of five for taste and five out of five for effects.

  10. Tyler

    Wanted to try a high rated quad – worth the money. I’d consider this “designer strain”, the quality of the bud is off the charts. The effects are super euphoric, mellow, great taste and good burn. The smell is amazing as well. If you’re looking to treat yourself, look no further

  11. Kerry

    This is definitely a well grown and cured product. Very tight big buds glistening with trichomes😍😍😍. A nice Buzz without sedation, found that I am able to do stuff all day and not I feel like I’ve given up the will to get off the couch. I have been making little mixes of this strain and banana OG for my own version of a delicious sundae🍧🍨🍦🍧🍨

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