Ice Cream Cake by Living Soil Organic

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Ice Cream Cake by Living Soil Organic Information

The genetic heritage of Ice Cream Cake is a combination of the classic strains Gelato and Wedding Cake. The result is an Indica strain with very high THC levels, showcasing the best qualities of both of its parent strains. The aroma of Ice Cream Cake is a delightful mix of sweet vanilla and tangy citrus, with a hint of earthy spice.


Ice Cream Cake is bred by Living Soil Organic, and it is widely enjoyed for its creamy, sweet, and dessert-like aroma, as well as its well-balanced effects that are both relaxing and uplifting.


Ice Cream Cake by Living Soil Organic: The Effects


The effects of Ice Cream Cake are a well-balanced combination of physical relaxation and a mental euphoric boost. The high of this high THC cannabis strain can be enjoyed by individuals who are looking to unwind after a long day, both mentally and physically.


The mental effects are euphoric and energetic, providing a boost of creativity and motivation. This creative and energetic boost will last for a little while before the deeper relaxation kicks in.


The physical effects of Ice Cream Cake are soothing and sedating, easing up tensions, aches, and discomforts in the body. Allowing you to fully relax in a state of ease before you head for a good night’s sleep.


What does Ice Cream Cake by Living Soil Organic Look Like?


One of the standout features of Ice Cream Cake is its appearance. The buds are dense and covered in a thick layer of trichomes, giving them a frosty, glistening appearance. The bright green leaves and orange hairs are accented by vibrant purple hues, making this strain a visually stunning addition to any cannabis collection.


Ice Cream Cake by Living Soil Organic: Taste and Aroma


Ice Cream Cake is a deliciously-tasting cannabis strain. It features a creamy and sweet aroma and flavour profile, with vanilla and cream highlights complemented by pleasant earthy, citrusy, and tangy undertones.

4 reviews for Ice Cream Cake by Living Soil Organic

  1. Colborn

    I would eat this with a spoon if I could, just love it. It’s a great burn and smells fantastic and does a great job.

  2. Gillian

    Some of the cleanest, freshest weed I’ve smoked in a long time. I bought only 1g for a sale, wish I’d bought more. It tastes like when you’re near the ocean, and you take a big breath of the breeze and you feel calm and centred for the first time in a long time. Didn’t hit the back of the throat too hard, amazing flavour throughout. Was a very fresh batch as well. I don’t smoke a lot of super high thc, one bowl was enough to keep me high all night. And not an immediately snoozy indica, I still had an hour n a half of chatting and hanging out in me before I started to feel sleepy. My new fav indica and will be back for more!

  3. Oscar

    taste was smooth, the smell had some berry tones to it.
    I would put this in the low teens THC wise, so it wasn’t a strong buzz but it was a pleasurable, calm high.
    high: 6/10
    taste: 8/10

  4. Sebastien

    Bonne qualité sans plus
    Texture 8/10

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