Ice Pie

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Ice Pie Information

Ice Pie is a hybrid weed strain with very high THC levels, reaching up to 26%. The potency of this cannabis flower is a good match for those who are well-rehearsed in the high world of marijuana trips.


This sweet, fruity hybrid strain delivers a focused and uplifting mental high followed by a deeply relaxing body high. The use of Ice Pie should be reserved for late afternoons or early evenings.


Ice Pie, The Afternoon Boost Capped With An Evening Relaxation


If you need a boost in focus, energy, and euphoria before you kick back and relax on the couch, the initial high of Ice Pie can bring an uplifting cerebral high. You may have enough mental energy and focus to finish up some tasks before you close the curtains to responsibilities, overthinking, and over-worrying.


As the high continues to work, you will notice a shift from energy to relaxation. The euphoric and happy sensation will remain in a calming tune that allows you to check out and enjoy the present moment.


Ice Pie’s body high, besides calming your mind and easing your mood, will also relax the tensions in your body and soothe any discomforts.


Ice Pie, The Sweet Hype


Ice Pie brings a sweet slice to your experience. The aroma and taste of this hybrid strain serve a sweet and sour blend. The most noticeable notes of this cannabis flower are sweet berries and grapes fused with a tropical touch.


Ice Pie, The Dark Looks


Ice Pie is a darker-looking cannabis strain. The buds of this flower are dense, almost looking like stretched-out popcorns.


Amongst the dark green leaves are rich patches of dark orange hairs. Icy, snowflake-like trichomes bring some spark to the overall look of this marijuana flower.


3 reviews for Ice Pie

  1. Maude

    The taste,smell,high everything is perfect. It tastes minty and like cinnamon and a million other flavors it is one of the most flavorful bud I have had. It smelled great too like mint and very strong. The high was incredible and really spoke to the benefits of organic growing when most dispensaries are shying away from organic. The vapor from my volcano was not harsh at all speaking to good drying/curing another thing that dispensaries are shying away from also. Kudos to the grower kudos to the collective that carries it and kudos to the growers that still know how to grow amazing bud when a lot in this industry are losing their way.

    Taste: 8/10
    Look: 7,10/10
    Effect: 8,2/10

  2. Jeremy

    Very tasty and smooth, mellow flavour match the buzz ….. A bit of a cerebral high one might say…but it was great for gaming and theorizing. Nonetheless, I highly recommend this. Also, buds were tight and sticky and good sized.

  3. Ricky

    Awesome strain on every exhale the joint gets sweeter. I smoke just before bed and it helps keeps me asleep I feel I’m still high when I get up

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