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Magic mushrooms have already become a staple of most MMJ members in Canada. There’s nothing that can surprise us when it comes to shrooms, right? Well, just like cannabis, it seems that many growers are dead-set on creating the greatest hybrids out there. That’s exactly the case with Jack Frost. This super potent strain is an offspring of Albino Golden Teachers and Albino Penis Envy, two of the most potent and psychedelic mushrooms in the world.

What else could come from crossing these strains other than pure perfection? And Jack Frost doesn’t disappoint! It’s a very intoxicating shroom that doesn’t let you focus for even a second. Once you take a dose, you’re going down the rabbit hole whether you want to or not. The stoning experience is not debatable, in other words. Euphoria will surge down, relaxation will flow through your body, and for the next few hours, you’re wholly stoned!

What effects does Jack Frost have?

 A hybrid such as Jack Frost takes the best of both worlds and combines them splendidly. Albino Golden Teachers and Albino Penis Envy excel in terms of hallucinatory potential, euphoria, and therapeutic benefits. Jack Frost is the new kid on the block, with vivid hallucinations, intense euphoria, confusing synesthesia, and deep therapeutic benefits. Among the psychedelic effects, you’ll come across time dilation, visual hallucinations, spiritual connectedness, contemplation, and others.

Eating Jack Frost raw delivers almost immediate effects. The therapeutic effects begin halfway through the stoning, when your body and mind have already acclimated to the psychedelic effects. The first one to go is your depression, as the initial surge of euphoria should clear your mind of bad thoughts and needless worries. Then, it’s your headaches that go away. Other medical conditions and symptoms may receive benefits after you consume this strain. Jack Frost may also alleviate:

  • Cluster headaches
  • Treatment-resistant depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of appetite
  • Alzheimer’s disease symptoms
  • Nausea

Best way to consume Jack Frost

 Magic mushrooms shouldn’t be taken for granted. Especially fathomless hybrids with relatively unknown effects. Consuming too much may send you flying toward a bad trip, which means nausea, headaches, anxiety, paranoia, and other undesirable effects. Most consumers who’ve consumed too much at a time reported feeling bad throughout the next hours. The bad trip eventually ends, but you won’t feel too good in the meantime. That’s why we recommend that you start with a low dose in the beginning.

That’s just a precaution to test things out and see how potent the shroom is. Your tolerance level may not be resilient enough to manage larger doses, so you start with a smaller one. Once you get used to the effects, you can increase the dose however you see fit. Though, raw mushrooms tend to be very potent due to the freshness and purity of the psilocybin contained within them. It’s a good idea to act with precaution and not push your luck, especially with a crazy-potent hybrid such as Jack Frost!

15 reviews for Jack Frost

  1. George

    Having tried both Penis Envy and Golden teacher, this strain seems to fit well right in the middle in terms of potency. It’s not too violent of a trip (like PE can sometimes be on high doses, when you get yanked out of reality) and very visual. It’s a good strain to take indoors in a comfortable setting and let your mind and body wander with the sensory distortions and different perspectives that accompany mushrooms. Hope they come back in stock soon

  2. Jacqueline

    I really wanted these to be amazing. But I was mostly disappointed. Took these with my bf and we both had same experience. A slight feeling of things starting to happen then….nothing – except a huge wave of sleepiness. Bummer.

  3. Jessica

    These are very potent! I am a huge fan of fractals and the visual trip with mushrooms, and the visual hallucinations on these were great! They will not disappoint. This was my first time trying Jack Frost, as I normally stick to golden teachers. Surprisingly, these are also great for micro-dosing! Definitely help take away anxiety and depression

  4. Chris

    Ohhhhh jack frost… of my top trips ive had in a long time. the potency was mint and quick to kick in…the visuals were one heck of a hallucination i was off in my own world super kick ass

  5. Elias

    Potent stuff

  6. Debra

    HOLDON TO YOUR SEAT omg my friend was tripping BALLS lol she did not read up on this and that was NOT a good idea, READ the description. the do not lie

    handle with cation and in small doses… and enjoy the ride

  7. Michael

    This is my new favorite strain! Absolutely incredible!
    I can’t get enough of these!
    Worth every penny!
    I love how fast they kick in and how long they last. I take higher doses of other strains but not with these, I dial it back a bit lol.

  8. Randell

    Well I purchased this earlier and it was an awesome experience I made a tea out.of 3 grams and wow it hit me like a dumptruck. I will most definitely purchase again. Highly recommended.

  9. Sunny

    Jack Frost are amazing mushrooms. Nice visuals at low doses. Definitely getting some more the second time around!

  10. Patrick

    The Jack Frost experience was filled with everything I thought it would be. It began with a powerful anxiety as I unpacked them. Split a half quarter with my girlfriend. They were very dark and blue coloured. The looks of them intimidated us.. I was almost afraid to eat them. They tasted horrible, as usual, like dirty socks and I generally use that as a sign of things to come. The mushrooms hit fast and hard. Very uplifting and positive. I found we were spending a lot of our time just laughing at nothing and/or each other. The were quite simply, the best mushrooms I have ever acquired from internet. Tracers, fractals, you name it, my eyes were doing overtime. The visuals were quite geometric.,they were quite enjoyable as well. I definitely had a great time and so will you. Totally recommended.

  11. Laura

    These are the best mushrooms I have ever had. Huge mind trip, tons of visuals, walls pulsing, moving, all sorts of things. Very comfortable and happy feelings. Did 1 gram and have many trips on golden teachers previously, these are much stronger.

    You can completely leave yourself and forget all troubles.

  12. Todd

    Nice light mellow experience with a smile or a “giggle lip” that doesn’t become fully on gut busting but a definite social buzz. Appx 1 gram each over a 2 hour nibble fest. Most definitely not worth the $70/3.5g that I paid but a good experience.

  13. Matthew

    Great strain. Quite potent, nice visuals, and a smooth high. Had some very interesting perceptual hallucinations and ego dissolution with these.

  14. Michael

    I’ve tried several different strains and this might be my favourite. I usually take between 1 and 2g of other strains so I took 1g of Jack Frost to try it out.

    The trip was very visual, almost immediately. Things were slowly shifting in front of my eyes. I didn’t experience any negative side effects, just a fun visual trip and a relaxed mental and physical state.

  15. Tyler

    Visuals 10 body stone 10 very potent product dose lose and go slow with this one

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