Jelly Breath

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90% Indica dominant

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Jelly Breath Information

A relatively new and mysterious strain, Jelly Breath is fairly uncommon. However, based on what we do know about Jelly Breath, it definitely deserves a bigger reputation. Jelly Breath combines high potency with a sweet, attractive flavour that has something to offer any palate.

This strain is believed to be a cross between Mendo Breath and Do-Si-Do, picking up on both of these strain’s OG Kush lineage. That gives it indica-dominant hybrid genetics, providing the distinctive highs of both indicas and sativas.

If you have the chance to get your hands on this rare find, make sure to partake – you’ll discover a true diamond in the rough.

What does Jelly Breath do?

With a huge THC concentration that reaches upwards of 30 percent, Jelly Breath has powerful possible effects. As an indica-dominant hybrid, it tends to emphasize the low-key, relaxing parts of cannabis highs. Its warm body load will quickly lull smokers into a calm, safe cocoon, helping them relax at the end of a day or unwind before bedtime.

Jelly Breath also boasts a fairly high CBD concentration, clocking in at around 2 percent. Thanks to a phenomenon called the Entourage Effect, the presence of a high CBD concentration may empower the other effects this strain provides. Smokers report that it leaves them feeling euphoric but relaxed, with a powerful body high and tingly sensations.

Jelly Breath Appearance and Aroma

Jelly Breath features a distinct aroma that matches its name. It provides a distinctly sweet berry smell, cut with the noticeable aroma of other fruits. Thanks to its OG Kush parentage, Jelly Breath also features the distinctive smell of Kush plants, an earthy, floral scent that’s immediately noticeable to anyone who’s smelled it before. Its flavour doesn’t disappoint either – it emphasizes the same sweet fruit-berry flavours that its aroma predominantly presents.


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