Jelly Sickle

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Jelly Sickle Information

Jelly Sickle is a cross between Purple Punch and Jelly Breath strains with a nutty sweet aroma and taste. The effects of this cannabis strain are generally deeply relaxing and calming with a mood boost to ease symptoms of stress and anxiety. You will most likely experience a cerebral high that won’t necessarily increase focus, instead, it may cause some spaciness.


As you break apart the buds of Jelly Sickle, you may notice that the notes of dank earth and fresh herbs become more pronounced. As the uplifting and euphoric properties alleviate stress and tensions, your mind may find comfort in a state of calmness. The THC levels of this strain are moderate to high, depending on the batch.


Relaxing And Calming Effects


Jelly Sickle is known to relax the body and calm the mind. The soothing and calming effect on the mind may cause your mind to be spacey while feeling at ease from worries and stress. With the cerebral high of this strain, you most likely won’t be able to focus much on tasks, instead, you might feel up for a good movie while lounging on the couch. This strain fits well in the late afternoon or evening when you are planning on doing nothing, or maybe even having a nap to rest up.


Stress. Jelly Sickle is known to soothe tensions and stress, allowing your mind to ease into a state of calmness. This mental high might cause your brain to get in a spacey state, but more so it will find a sense of ease and tranquillity.


Anxiety. The gently uplifting and euphoric effects of this cannabis strain may offer you a mood boost to get negative and anxious feelings out of the way so you can ease into a state of relaxation.


Mild body pains. The physical high of Jelly Sickle may deliver some sedative properties to alleviate mild physical aches.


Uplifted. With the happy and creative cerebral high of this marijuana bud, you may feel uplifted with feelings of happiness, euphoria, and overall positivity.


A Great Taste


Jelly Sickle has a pleasant scent and taste. As you break apart the buds of this cannabis flower, fresh herb and dank earth notes will entertain your smell buds. You may observe a nice combo of nutty and sweet notes in the taste of this weed strain.


The appearance of Jelly Sickle is elegant, with green and purple hues packed with white trichomes. Generous patches of orange hairs make their home among the darker green leaves.


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