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Jillybean Smalls

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Are you a cannabis consumer who also loves candy? You’re in luck. Jilly Bean, developed by MzJill Genetics, is revolutionizing the world of weed flavours. Jilly Bean, also called Jillybean, is a cross between Orange Velvet and Space Queen. It features a powerful combination of citrus and creamy flavours, giving it a taste similar to an orange cream-sickle.

It also features a fairly tame cannabinoid content, hovering somewhere in the mid-teens. That makes it great for any newer smokers who want to experience a strain with amazing taste, but don’t want the effects to overwhelm them. If you’re a fan of Strawberry Cough, Tangie, or Sour Tangie, you’ll love what Jilly Bean has to offer.

What Does Jilly Bean Do?

As an indica-dominant hybrid, Jilly Bean exemplifies the relaxing and chilled-out effects that cannabis may provide. It’s a great strain for relaxing and unwinding at the end of a long day. However, it’s not ideal for wake-and-bakes, since it may cause a smoker to feel tired. Its low THC percentage means that it won’t knock a smoker on their ass, so it’s perfect for newbies or anyone seeking a less-intense psychoactive experience.

In addition to the high it provides, Jilly Bean may be able to relieve symptoms of certain health issues. This strain may be particularly adept at combating the effects of depression and anxiety. Thanks to its indica lineage, it may also be able to improve sleep quality and duration, fighting against the effects of insomnia.

What Does Jilly Bean Look and Smell Like?

By far this strain’s main attractions are its aroma and flavours. It features a rich, pungent orange scent that mixes well with piney and herbal notes. It’s a rather reserved smell: while it can be rather loud, it’s also innocuous, smelling more like household cleaner than weed. Its flavour bestows the creamy texture of orange sherbet over the tongue before continuing into the sweet, smooth taste of sweetness and candy.

This strain’s appearance is also fairly striking. It exhibits the natural greenish hues that most plants provide. Purple spots speckle Jilly Bean buds, separated by robust amber- and orange-coloured hairs. The entire plant is covered in a thick sheen of glistening trichomes that lend it an almost icy look.

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