Joker Artisan Hash

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Joker Artisan Hash Information

This marijuana concentrate can offer the energising effects of a Sativa strain in a highly effective way. Joker Hash can deliver a highly vigorous cerebral and body high flipping your day on its positive and productive side.


Joker Hash can help you reach higher levels of creativity and focus while fuelling you with a state of motivation, euphoria, and soothing relaxation. You may be wondering if there really is a difference in potency between this concentrate and the marijuana flower. Yes, there is, quite a significant one. A hash can deliver a potency of up to 80% because of the concentrated trichomes it carries, plus the effects it provides last much longer.


Stimulating and Energising Effects


Joker Hash can help you with the overwhelm caused by depression, anxiety, and stress. The euphoric high can effectively erase the symptoms that paint over your day with negativity, leaving you with feelings of happiness, comfort, and motivation.


As euphoria boosts your mood, you may find yourself elevated to a state of focus where being mentally productive, creative, and clear comes easy. This energised state can even treat the burdensome presence of fatigue.


As this positive cerebral high moves into every inch of your body, physical pains and aches may start disappearing into the background. This can help you be physically active in a fun and highly enjoyable way.


The Secret Of The Hash


This daytime concentrate comes with other benefits besides the potent effects it offers. Joker Hash can be smoked, it can be vaped, and it can be used in a myriad of other ways as well. It gives you the option to receive all the benefits of this cannabis plant in the way you enjoy it most.


When it’s cold outside, add it to your tea or your favourite warm fluid. When it is really warm and you enjoy drinking a cold beverage throughout your day, you can easily infuse Joker Hash into it and enjoy its high in this refreshing way.


If you decide to spend your day at home, cooking up some delicious meals followed by homemade desserts or cookies, this marijuana concentrate can be the secret ingredient added to your recipe. Choose in which way you would enjoy consuming this concentrate, and Joker Hash will take excellent care of the rest for you.

3 reviews for Joker Artisan Hash

  1. Chris

    I’ve had hash from all over the world and am kind of picky. I didn’t know what to expect here at all and am so pleasantly surprised. Silky smooth. Great taste and high. Some of the best hash I’ve smoked.

  2. Aniruddha

    Good stuff.

    Love that it can be crushed between your fingers to create a “fluffy” well-aerated powder-ish substance. Can still be shaped but the “fluffy” stuff is so easy to spread and smoking it is also great.

  3. Neil

    Awesome stuff. Highly recommend

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