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Joker, a cross between Bruce Banner and Clown Shoes, is a cannabis strain that leans more toward Indica but its Sativa qualities also shine through. We recommend this strain for afternoon use for its mental motivation and physical energy. The high usually also sets the mind in a calm state and the body in a relaxed one.


The THC levels of this marijuana bud usually range around moderate potency, but depending on the batch, you may find some variations around its specifics. Joker is typically recommended for experienced users, but if you are a newer user with higher tolerance, you may give this strain a try if you start with a smaller dose and go slow with increasing its dosage.


The Potential Effects And Benefits Of This Strain


Joker is an Indica strain that generally doesn’t cripple its users with a couch-lock effect. Even though it carries pain-numbing properties, the body high of this weed strain tends to deliver a relaxing effect that can be energetic and motivating. The cerebral high may stimulate and increase your focus and creativity while causing a calm effect. As the high settles more into your mind and body, it may slow you down, which is why we recommend consuming this strain later in the day.


Stress. Joker may replace symptoms caused by stress with a calming sensation that may leave you feeling at rest and at ease.


Anxiety. The relaxing and uplifting high of this weed flower may relieve symptoms of anxiety or depression, delivering an overall happy and positive high.


Physical pain. The pain-soothing body high of Joker may alleviate a variety of physical pains and aches, such as migraines, arthritis, and others.


Focused. The initial cerebral high of this Indica flower may increase concentration so you can better focus on some last-minute tasks or projects.


Insomnia. The calming and euphoric effects may help with sleep struggles as the high starts to wear off while you are in a comforting state of calmness and relaxation.


An Interesting Taste


Joker tends to offer an interesting aroma and flavour profile to its users. As you smoke this marijuana bud, you may detect a variety of pungent notes, an interesting mix of sweet and spicy. Some of the most common notes in the taste of Joker are a combination of herbs, rose, chemicals, and a fruity pungency.

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  1. Judd

    This has a great smell and the high was energizing, got me motivated to do things during the day. Definitely would purchase this again.

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