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0.8ml of Distillate Oil

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KeyyCBD Carts Information

This KeyyCBD cartridge works with the KeyyPen battery to deliver medicating relief, quickly. There are currently three varieties with different CBD:THC ratios.

Charlotte’s Web (8:1) is happy and relaxing – woody, earthy, citrusy.
Harlequin (1:1) is an ultra-relaxing hybrid – earthy, sweet, grape-y.
Mint (1:0 – NO THC) is just CBD only with a refreshing minty, herby flavor.

The Keyy pen and cartridges are the results of years spent exploring multiple forms of cannabis oil and vaporizer tanks. Keyy is using a proprietary technique to distill cannabis oil that removes ALL impurities and co-developed a pen vaporizer design that quickly vaporizes the thickest and most purified oil.

Ingredients: CBD distillate, terpenes, and propylene glycol.

Does not contain Vitamin E acetate.

Cartridges can be recycled in the blue bin.

21 reviews for KeyyCBD Carts

  1. Jean-Francois

    Product was good but a bit harsh on the throat.

  2. Victor

    this is my #1 most highly reccommended CBD product for any condition! amazing!

  3. Karl

    I like the effect of these CBD but the burning taste is a concern …

  4. Scott

    Found it to be smooth and easy to take Charlotte s web went down great and allayed my fears of getting to high

  5. Scott

    I’m going to try some thing new for my type of pain it didn’t quite do the trick next I’ll try CBD flowers

  6. Justin

    I’ve used all 3 CBD Keyy Cartridges, and they’re great. I would be more inclined to stick with Harlequin over Charlottes Web, as you can simply control your dosage if you’re looking for a less potent draw, but thats me.

  7. Kenny

    Great way to get your CBD fix.

  8. Kenny

    Carts are tasty, smooth.

  9. Shawn

    Effect is great. Fave is Charlottes Web. I’m concerned about the quality of the oil though. Starts to get a burning taste/feeling not long after starting a new cartridge. Tried in different voltage settings. I wish Zen Cartridges had a higher CBD option like Charlottes Web. Better quality oil.

  10. Kenny

    My favorite CBD method, excellent taste. Harlequin helps with my RLS at night.

  11. Sandy Alexandra

    I love this product, it really helps ease my anxiety almost instantly.

  12. Rebecca

    The charlottes web is the best for stomach issues! It does really help with that, great product will def be ordering again!

  13. Catherine

    These CBD carts are all good (Harlequin is my fave) and a great compliment to the THC Keyy cart options. I never leave home without my Keyy pen.

  14. Nicholas

    I’ve tried Charlotte’s web and Mint, and they’ve both been great. I use them all day long. I’m going to try Harlequin next.

  15. Pascal

    Charlotte’s web is the best CBD oil cart I have ever tried!
    Also, the Mint is awesome for using it while being in a public environment.
    My favorite!

  16. Alexander

    Charlotte’s Web 8:1 is the best product I’ve tried via CBD Vape thus far. The ratio is great, and the effects are within minutes.

    Harlequin is awesome right before bed, or in moments of, I need relief, right now (away from machines, due to THC).

    Yet to try mint, but am excited to do so.

  17. Nicolette

    I’ve tried Harlequin and Mint- helps with my anxiety. Going to definitely try Charlotte’s Web! Love the CBD products.

  18. Julian

    Great product! Highly recommend, great flavour

  19. Mark

    Mint all the way – nice calm all day long. Perfect for the morning and pre-bedtime routine!

  20. Tina

    My boyfriend uses the Mint (1:0) to complement his CBD drop usage for anxiety. It really is an asset in a public setting and has a quickly felt effect. I used 8:1 when I quit smoking cigarettes a little over a year ago. Helped keep me focused, relaxed, and avoided nicotine replacement therapy altogether.

  21. Anonymous

    Charlotte’s Webb helps with my anxiety big time. I’m way more calm and relaxed.

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