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Kimchi OG Information

Kimchi OG is a marijuana hybrid containing approximately 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, but because of its physically sedative high that can lead to a couch-lock effect, you should reserve this strain for late afternoon use. If you are familiar with Korean dishes, you may be thinking that somehow this weed strain is associated with the famous pickled kimchi dish, but this isn’t the case.


Generally, Kimchi OG contains THC levels at 22%, but depending on the batch, this may vary. Some phenotypes of this cannabis strain carry higher Indica content than Sativa. The physical high of this weed strain can be sedative, offering relief from pains and aches, while potentially causing a couch-lock effect. The cerebral high of this cannabis hybrid may help with mood swings, potentially easing symptoms of anxiety and depression.


A Relaxing Sedation


Kimchi OG usually delivers a fast and long-lasting cerebral and physical high. The uplifting mental high may not increase focus or productivity, but it can offer a sense of calmness and ease against anxiety and stress. The full-body high of this cannabis bud may offer deep relaxation and a sense of comfort while soothing chronic pain. The end of the high may induce sleepiness that could translate into a deep and restful sleep that lasts through the night.


Chronic pain. This evenly-balanced hybrid carries sedative and muscle-relaxing effects that may provide relief from chronic pain and physical aches, including migraines, joint pains, or muscle cramps.


Anxiety. The uplifting high of Kimchi OG that usually offers happy and euphoric feelings may soothe symptoms caused by anxiety or depression.


Stress. The relaxing properties of this marijuana flower may deliver calmness while easing tensions and worries caused by stress.


Nausea. The appetite-increasing properties of Kimchi OG may alleviate nausea.


Insomnia. The deeply relaxing properties and the sedative high of this weed bud can potentially induce a great sleep that could last through the night.


A Fruity Aroma


Kimchi OG, besides a strong body and cerebral high, also offers a fruity and sweet aroma, and taste, coupled with woody and dank notes.


The effects of this cannabis strain are usually long-lasting and powerful, great for experienced users. Kimchi OG can potentially be used by new marijuana users with higher tolerance, but you should be mindful of its potent couch-lock and sedative high.


1 review for Kimchi OG

  1. Benjamin

    Beautiful, frosty bright colored nugs. Large, dense buds crack up nicely and grind into golden color dust. This strain was very smooth on the inhale, and gave me an intense stone almost immediately.
    I would recommend for nighttime usage, as this one left me feeling lazy and tired after a joint. MMJ consistently brings the fire to the masses……keep it up, it’s far better than buying prepackaged weed from a local dispensary IMO.

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