KLAR Distillate by Sciencelab

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1 Gram Glass Syringe of THC Distillate


KLAR Distillate by Sciencelab Information

The ScienceLab KLAR Distillate offers what most cannabis consumers are looking for, and that is pure-quality THC with no added chemicals or supplements. This oil went through countless distillation processes to reach the highest purity achievable. It contains no solvents at all, and it’s very versatile in terms of consumption methods. You can smoke it, dab it, vape it, or ingest it orally.

Both in terms of potency and flavour, the ScienceLab KLAR Distillate offers a unique perspective on cannabis consumption. This novel experience will please your taste buds and desire for therapy! Most medical patients who’ve tried this KLAR Distillate report positive experiences that improves their quality of life substantially. Whether in terms of purity or efficiency, this distillate is at the very peak.

What does the ScienceLab KLAR Distillate taste like?


Flavour-wise, the KLAR Distillate is a jack-in-the-box with a big surprise. Depending on the strain you choose, the flavour will be different, thanks to the various terpenes added in the mix. The taste is well-balanced, with a bit of sweetness, earthiness, and citric aftertastes placed in a great combination. Upon consumption, the oil will release an intense aroma in the air, which become stronger as it enters your body.

The 1-gram syringe hides a load of THC distillate that smells and tastes great. This product is both for people looking for a tasty treat and a novel cannabis experience, as well as medical patients looking for a treatment. Regardless of your needs, the KLAR Distillate provides excellent benefits accompanied by flavourful taste and intense aroma. The flavour will accompany you for the duration of the entire experience, no less.

What are the effects of the KLAR Distillate?


Starting with the initial euphoria and ending with the couch-lock sensation and sedation, the KLAR Distillate is expansive in its effects. From beginning to end, you’ll pass through different mental and physical states. At times, you’ll feel warm and buzzy, filled with raucous energy and motivation. After this state settles in, your body becomes lighter and you feel relaxed and comfortable. This form of relaxation feels enjoyable and tranquil.

When this state reaches a peak, the sedation settles in, and you eventually reach the couch-lock sensation. During this time, your pains and aches disappear, as does your anxiety and depression. The THC distillate affects your body and mind in therapeutic ways, alleviating migraines, instilling hunger, mending neuropathic pain, and more. It’ll even make you sleepy if you suffer from insomnia. Many medical patients report a relief from cancer symptoms after trying the ScienceLab KLAR Distillate!

3 reviews for KLAR Distillate by Sciencelab

  1. Jo-anne

    Took me awhile to decide to purchase, having tried most of the other concentrates with satisfaction, I took the plunge!👀 Loved it!❤️ Viscosity is perfect for vaping, baking

  2. Concetta

    always a good feeling with pineapple express

  3. Luke

    great for edibles, or adding to joints

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