KLAR Premium Distillate

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1 Gram Glass Syringe of THC Distillate

97.3% THC + 0.2% CBD

Raw flavored


KLAR Premium Distillate Information

Sciencelab and Canada Concentrates have come together to bring you a product that is distilled to the highest purity. Premium Distillate by KLAR is a completely solvent-free product that can be smoked, vaped, dabbed or ingested.

It is lab-tested to ensure the highest quality; the fully activated THC is in a glass syringe for easy use. This high-quality distillate is top-notch for potency and offers a very well balanced taste profile.

11 reviews for KLAR Premium Distillate

  1. Patrick

    Best distillate on the market !

  2. Victor

    Super good, clean tasting and hard hitting when dabbing low temp with a carb cap. Harder to get out of the syringe than some but overall great product.

  3. Jean-Francois

    Awesome product, bought many and I will buy many more.

  4. Jerome

    Really nice high but nearly impossible to get out of the syringe. Would definitely have used it up faster if I was able to get it out easily.

  5. Sheena

    Smooth clean hits nice in the vape or in a joint

  6. Clay

    Personally for me, this is the best distillate available. Raw extract has terpenes missing in most extracts. Stimulating and energizing on its own but if you lace a rolling paper and add your favourite indica or sativa you get an all-day-long dobbie that you can leave in the ashtray and fire up three or four times throughout the day!

  7. Jonathan

    Klar is the best distillate on the market. Clean hits and very strong. Its extremely thick and can be frustrating getting it out of the syringe, but it’s worth it.

  8. Reginald

    Very powerful

  9. Tyrone

    Smooth and hits hard! I like it a lot

  10. Luke

    so smooth and so good!!!!

  11. Anonymous

    I have COPD which limits my smoking but this distillate is so smooth that I often don’t cough after a massive dab hit. If it tried the same with Shatter I’m afraid that I might cough up a lung, lol.

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