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LA Kush Mints Information

LA Kush Mints raises many questions in regards to its origins, but the most interesting aspect of this cannabis strain is that it is said to contain 90% Indica and a small 10% Sativa. With such numbers, you may expect heavy sedation that will lock you to your couch, but instead, this marijuana bud is renowned for giving its users an uplifting high that can be stimulating, energetic, and mood-boosting.


LA Kush Mints is oftentimes used to gain relief from depression, anxiety, and physical pain. The THC levels of this strain average around 20%, but some batches offer much higher potency levels than this reaching close to 30%. The physical high of this weed strain can be quite heavy, but many users describe how the cooling smoke places them in a productive mood and energy.


The Unexpected Energetic Effects


LA Kush Mints can surprise its users with an uplifting cerebral and physical high that doesn’t usually sedate them but motivates them for productivity. This marijuana strain is a heavy Indica that offers its users the stimulating benefits of a Sativa high without the couch-lock state.


Creative and energetic. The uplifting and stimulating effects of this weed strain may increase your mental creativity and focus while offering an energetic physical boost.


Mood-boosting properties. LA Kush Mints is a euphoric bud that may relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Tranquillity. The relaxing properties of this cannabis flower can alleviate tensions caused by stress and worries, offering a state of inner calmness.


Mild body aches. LA Kush Mints contains pain-soothing, anti-inflammatory, and sedative qualities that may ease mild aches and pains in the body, including muscle soreness.


Better appetite. One of the effects that users report experiencing with this bud is an improved appetite.


An All-Day Indica


It is rare to be able to call an Indica a strain fitting for an all-day smoke, but LA Kush Mints is unique like that as it gives its users a potent mental stimulation and an uplifting full-body high that won’t weigh you down. Plus, its minty taste is quite pleasant and enjoyable.


Because of its high potency, this cannabis strain is best used by seasoned marijuana users who are looking for an all-day Indica with relaxing yet energetic effects. Depending on the dosage, the last streak of this bud’s physical high may bring about sleepiness. But even then, the happy feelings and positive vibes of this strain shine through.

3 reviews for LA Kush Mints

  1. Kent

    slight mint taste great smoke. good for day or night

  2. Ricky

    A nice strain. Burns clean very relaxing

  3. Fadi

    A very nice strain for relaxing. It has a nice taste and burns clean. I love to mix this with hash a wonderful combination!

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