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LA Zkittlez by Gastown Collective Information

LA Zkittlez is a super Indica strain with highly-relaxing and therapeutic benefits. Most medical patients will love LA Zkittlez simply because it offers an effective relief from pains and aches. This strain comes from Gastown Collective, a team of genius cannabis enthusiasts who splice weed genes in their free time. They’ve come up with many Quad A-type strains before, so they know what they’re doing.

With ample preparation and experience, the guys and gals at Gastown Collective provide superior quality, purity, and effectiveness. LA Zkittlez is their latest creation, the offspring of ZKittlez and LA Kush, two equally potent strains with unique traits. The team simply combined the best of these strains and came up with LA Zkittlez, a strain to best both of its parents. Their adherence to strict quality standards brings to life this great strain!

What does LA Zkittlez look and taste like?


LA Zkittlez has bright-green nugs, a solid stalk, and plenty of orange hairs to go around. In fact, there are so many hairs surrounding the nugs that you’d think this was the hairiest strain you’ve seen. Fortunately, the white crystal trichomes come to add a bit of purity and spice to this image. Now, you can fully enjoy the berry-infused flavour that comes with the first smoke of LA Zkittlez. The flavour is incredibly potent and enjoyable, after you get used to it.

Speaking of flavours and aroma, this strain takes after one of its parents, namely Zkittlez. There’s lots of sweetness, and a berry aftertaste that conquers your taste buds as soon as you take a first toke. That first smoke will mark your entire experience, since the flavour will only leave you after you’re done smoking. Most cannabis enthusiasts will enjoy this intense berry flavour that brings a bit of tropical sweetness toward the end. It’s sweet, citric, a bit skunky, and otherwise delicious!

What are the effects of LA Zkittlez?


LA Zkittlez doesn’t play around. Its Indica-dominant genetics dictate powerful sedation and relaxation effects, and its THC concentration is 15-18%. Your mind will have no place to wallow in anxiety and depression. Instead, it’ll relish in a state of blissful euphoria, mixed with soothing relaxation and pacifying tranquility. All your anxiety and depression should disappear from the first smoke you take. If not, you can always smoke some more!

Medical patients seeking a treatment for chronic pains, for instance, will find a best option in LA Zkittlez. It’ll be your greatest asset when dealing with sciatica, neuropathic pains, multiple sclerosis, and more. In fact, this strain isn’t only good for chronic pains, but a wide variety of medical conditions that you’d have no other way of treating. Traditional medication is oftentimes useless. With LA Zkittlez, you can find relief from:

  • Nausea
  • Appetite loss
  • Headaches
  • Cancer symptoms
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • Mild cases of anxiety and depression
  • Inflammation
  • Bipolar disorder

3 reviews for LA Zkittlez by Gastown Collective

  1. Brandon

    had to get myself an 8th of this whem I was ordering some cheaper weed as well. definitely not disappointing. when I opened the bag the smell was so strong and amazing! big dense kiefy buds, that looked awesome and burned very well. was a very good high as well. recommend this kind 100% gotta try it. getting more as soon as I can and id say you gotta do the same you won’t be disappointed and will be wanting more

  2. Brandon

    My first time trying Gastown Collective was only two months ago with “The One” and that went well enough to see what else they can do. The problem here is I smelled the Cherry Punch first and it is incredibly fruity, which really stole the show away from whatever LA Zkittlez had going on. Put a huge smile on my face just looking at the bud though, this is some centerfold high times shit right here. The taste was much more interesting than the (lack of) smell, Crunchberry Kush immediately came to mind which is hard for me to describe so I hope that’s one you’ve tried. The high was average with no real sense of direction although I smoked two joints while I was on an hour long walk getting groceries so that obviously helped with the aches. Still gets 5 stars because anyone should be ecstatic to be smoking bud like this but for me there are better strains out there that top in every category.

  3. Benjamin

    Amazingly frosty buds, it left the grinder nearly coated in trichomes. I was pleasantly pleased with the effects of this strain, with its smooth smoke and pleasant aroma. I would purchase again.

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