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Larry Bird Information

Larry Bird carries effects that can be beneficial for recreational and medicinal purposes alike. The uplifting and energetic cerebral high of this marijuana strain may alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Its calming high could soothe stress while calming the mind. The increase in energy promoted by this cannabis bud may help with fatigue and the sense of being run down.


Larry Bird (smalls) offers a heavy physical and cerebral high without a numbing overwhelm. This cannabis strain is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, offering a sweet grape flavour with floral and earthy notes. With a 50% Indica and 50% Sativa content, you can smoke this weed bud in the afternoon. As the THC levels of this marijuana flower average at the high of 25%, we recommend it to experienced users.


Long-Lasting Energetic Effects


The overall energetic and uplifting effects of Larry Bird may be of help to individuals suffering from the overwhelming symptoms of depression or anxiety, keeping them from focus and positive enjoyment. As a sense of happiness and elevation embraces you and carries you in its warmth, you may notice that your mind calms down, and your anxious and tension-filled thoughts and feelings move into the background. The stimulating high of this weed bud may help reduce fatigue, so you may feel more focused with an increase in energy that could last for a while.


Stress. With the calming high of Larry Bird, symptoms of stress may be replaced with a comforting sense of calmness and positivity.


Anxiety. The euphoric high of this weed strain carries uplifting qualities, boosting your mood with happy feelings while potentially erasing symptoms of anxiety.


Fatigue. The energetic and stimulating high of Larry Bird could help with fatigue, increasing creativity and strengthening focus.


Subtle pain-relief. This cannabis plant offers about 1% CBD that could ease milder cases of physical pains and aches.


Aroma And Flavour


Larry Bird provides a sweet fruity scent that will treat you to an enjoyable smoke. You can already notice notes of grape with a touch of tanginess in its aroma, with hints of classic skunk making their appearance known.


You can instantly detect the sweet grape taste of this cannabis bud with delightful fruity undertones. This is usually followed by earthy and floral notes for an exquisite smoking session. As you exhale, with some phenotypes of this strain, you can also enjoy a subtle touch of mint.

5 reviews for Larry Bird

  1. Ankit

    Impressed with my Larry Bird. The packaging was secure, and the product itself exceeded my expectations. Great potency and a delightful aroma. The online description didn’t do justice to the actual experience; the smooth inhale and the gradual, calming impact were exceptional. This purchase has set a new standard for me 😀

  2. Jeremy

    Larry Bird (the strain) like the OG basketball legend of which it gets its namesake is, quite simply put, an MVP. This stuff will hit hard and fast with a 25% THC average, leaving you delirious but balanced like any good hyrbid strain will do. For experience users you really can go wrong with this one.

  3. Maude

    Probably one of the BEST hybrids in circulation rn. The smell alone blows my mind, Strong Earthy pungency followed by mellow undertones of citrus and cat piss. The effects to say the least are included: Hella intense cerebral high and well as an extra cushioned body high. Definitely recommend for those who have built up a bit of a tolerance. Hits head immediately and then slowly but strongly hit the body. Good balanced high. Not too munchy and INSANELY relaxed It won’t knock you down but it’s almost like your first time medicating..Not recommend for people that have no control when they get the munchies. God help you…

  4. Mallory

    Smells Great,Smooth…recommended

  5. Michael

    surpriselingly great weed. nice tight buds with loads of THC. smooth smoking in the bong, very nice long lasting buzz

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