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Lemon Skunk Information

At face value, this strain’s name may sound off-putting. After all, combining the aromas of lemons and skunk spray together doesn’t sound particularly appetizing. However, you can’t always judge a book by its cover, and it’s the same for Lemon Skunk. This sativa-dominant hybrid is the result of crossing two different types of the famous Skunk strain.

Developed by DNA Genetics, a cannabis-cup winning breeder founded in Amsterdam, this strain is a great choice for sativa-lovers who are looking for a great all-day strain. Featuring a THC concentration in the high teens, this potent strain isn’t for the faint of heart. With a winning combination of a respectable THC content and an alluring aroma that belies its name, Lemon Skunk will quickly become a favourite for regular sativa smokers.

What Does Lemon Skunk Do?

As a sativa-dominant hybrid, Lemon Skunk is known for its energizing and euphoric properties. Sativas generally provide an uplifting, cranial high. They’re prized by creative types, like musicians and artists, for their ability to inspire creativity. In addition, sativas like Lemon Skunk can provide boosted sociability and mood. Finally, sativas are a great way to streamline repetitive or boring tasks.

Some research suggests that cannabis may have beneficial health properties. The two main ingredients in cannabis, THC and CBD, both utilize the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to send messages throughout the body. These messages help control unconscious functions like appetite, sleep schedule, immune responses, and more. As a result, cannabis may be able to help alleviate symptoms of issues like chronic pain, anxiety disorders, glaucoma, and insomnia.

What Does Lemon Skunk Look and Smell Like?

Lemon Skunk features a potent aroma combining tones of pepper and citrus. If you open a container of this premium pot, you may confuse a room of friends. At first, it smells like the lingering scent of a skunk’s spray. Then, a discerning nose will notice the fresh citrus scent cutting through. Its taste showcases more of its citrus flavour once you spark it up, and this strain leaves a pleasant lemon smell in the air after you finish puffing.

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