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Lemon Thai Information

Lemon Thai plays its part as a balanced strain wonderfully. With 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, its effects are well-spread, offering both euphoria and relaxation. Though, the cerebral effects of Lemon Thai are overwhelming, more potent than the physical effects. You’ll get a sudden sense of enhanced focus, a euphoric drizzle that impacts your mind and leaves you happy and enthusiastic. This strain will fill up your energy levels almost immediately, as well!

What does Lemon Thai look and taste like?


This is a rather exotic strain, a cross between Thai Sativa and Hawaiian, two rare and tasty buds. In turn, the offspring is a fresh-looking strain with small and clustered buds covered in resinous stickiness. A forest of bright-orange hairs grows unchecked on the strain, like an orange coat of deliciousness. If only that was everything! Lemon Thai will further impress you visually with its thick layer of small, crystalized trichomes. It’s quite leafy and bushy before being dried out!

In terms of flavour, you can figure out for yourself what the main flavour is. Citrus-infused lemon, of course! You’ll love the minty-lemon flavour, with dashes of sweet tea and bitter citrus. Once you get used to it and take further smokes, Lemon Thai will send forth even more intense lemon aromas. There’s a hint of melon and spicy Thai flavour somewhere there. Throughout your experience, the delicious flavour will only help set up a fitting atmosphere.

What are the effects of Lemon Thai?


Are your nerves stretched taut from trying to solve a crisis at work? Or did you recently lose out on an investment and you’re feeling down? Lemon Thai can give you the boost you need. It’s a mood-booster that enhances your motivation, fosters your creativity, and enables your sociable side to shine splendidly again. It’ll refill your energy levels and invigorate your consciousness in a couple of minutes. The uplifting effects are perfect for treating depression and stress.

Though, Lemon Thai is good for a wide number of medical conditions and symptoms. In fact, once you try it out, you’ll realize that this strain can soothe exhaustion, stress, and it can calm down your mind instantly. While you may get dry eyes, a dry mouth, or a sudden bout of dizziness, they’re all worth it because, throughout the experience, Lemon Thai will help you with:

  • Loss of appetite
  • ADHD
  • Arthritis
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Chronic pains
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Stress

2 reviews for Lemon Thai

  1. Jessica

    Anything “Lemon” usually jives with me… That being said, this smells phenomenal, and it is definitely more of a sativa-dominant hybrid. Love vaping this right before a workout or a bike ride. Definitely a strain that makes me more energetic than couch-potato. Top Notch

  2. Ricky

    Very tasty strain. Once open bag the aroma filled the room

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