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Lemon Trainwreck Information

Lemon Trainwreck, also known as Lemon Wreck, is famous for its citrus flavour profile followed by strong mental and physical effects. This cannabis strain features a beautiful appearance with significantly large and almost cylindrical-shaped flowers.


This cannabis strain is fully covered in trichomes that are a testament to the potency of its effects. Lemon Wreck carries THC levels that average around 15% but oftentimes reaching as high as 20%. Coupled with its Sativa content, this citrusy marijuana plant can deliver an uplifting and energising high.


A Strain for the Recreational Smoker


Lemon Trainwreck can deliver its strong effects fairly quickly after the first inhale increasing the perception of your surrounding. The euphoric cerebral high can make you feel ecstatic, happy, and overall motivated.


After a short amount of time, you may find your mind in a state of ease and relaxation, free of worries and tensions. Happy thoughts make way for happy feelings boosting your overall mood. After this euphoric and energising high, you may experience your hunger increasing so make sure your snacks are ready for you.


Benefits for Medicinal Users


Lemon Trainwreck carries about 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, offering beneficial effects for the mind and the body. The Indica properties of this strain slowly move down your body, untying the tensions that are present, enabling your body to relax and feel more at ease. The sedative and pain-relieving effects of this strain can potentially have you glued to your couch at one point so you might want to keep your calendar free of plans and obligations when smoking this strain.


The anti-inflammatory and sedative properties of Lemon Wreck can effectively alleviate even chronic pain, such as pain caused by injury or caused by a variety of health conditions such as lupus, fibromyalgia, or arthritis. This strain can also soothe headaches and stomachaches.


Snooze After The High Loop


Lemon Wreck, even though it is mainly a Sativa-dominant strain, its Indica content can provide quite a strong sleep at the end of its euphoric and relaxing high. After a great boost for your mind and mood followed by a soothing relaxation for your body – and after satisfying your hunger with some of your favourite snacks – a deep and restful sleep might be certainly welcome.


If you are a new user, keep in mind that this marijuana flower is quite potent. Start with a small dose and slowly build on it.

11 reviews for Lemon Trainwreck

  1. Zach

    I bought this to get a little sativa action for a change of pace. It’s a good all-day smoker. A couple bowls of this put me in a good headspace to work a good couple hours without checking the clock. If this was just a little stronger it’d probably be the perfect sativa. Indica lovers should move on – this one is not for you.

    It’s a tasty strain and hits hard with the sourness. If you like a little pee smell in your bag, try this one out.

  2. Cassie

    Great high! very happy every time i smoke this one 🙂

  3. Henry

    One of my favourite smelling and just as good if not better tasting. Fluffy (good) pretty sticky but still easy to break up. One of my personal favourites. Great daytime strain, more of a cerebral high. When smoked in greater amounts makes you relaxed and sleepy so be careful.

  4. Linda

    Trainwreck ..Hmmm it’s always been one of my fav’s. There’s alot of my treats for me, me, did I say me 😍. Haha. I luv this site!

  5. Kevin

    Holy moly, the fruity taste on this strain is AMAZING, and really strong for a Sativa dominant ! Really good strain for daytime use, it motivate and gets you in a good mood so you can do you chores or even work !

  6. Windy

    Great daytime strain, has a nice light lemony flavour. I find it gets me the kind of high that motivates me to clean the house or do something productive!

  7. Davy

    Perfect strain for daytime. Not too strong, just enough to make you enjoy it.
    The taste is pretty good, a bit citrus.

  8. Rachel

    This strain is the perfect daytime high. A little cirtrus-y and hits the dome pretty quick, but not too heavy. Can easily go about my day without being super spaced out, just relaxed.

    Don’t let the (smalls) fool you – each bud was coated and quite dense. On my favorites list for sure!!

  9. Daj

    Lemon TrainWreck!!! aHHH. my current fave go to for wake, bake and leave home. Not too strong or heavy, kind of light and smooth, to my taste and liking. I am grateful I have discovered it and I can order this strain over here too.

  10. Rob

    Not too bad a strain. These “smalls” were bigger buds then I get with some of the regular bud I buy on other sites. Mid range for effect but smoked really smooth. Every strain I’ve got from this site smokes real nice on its own

  11. Ricky

    Great daytime weed not too strong not too weak just perfect

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